Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

  1. Accounts & Settings 

    1. How do I import patients?
    2. What is the User Agreement with Practice Fusion?
    3. I'm getting the error "Could Not Confirm your Password" while upgrading my login
    4. As an administrator, how can I reset a user's verification phone number?
    5. Can Practice Fusion export all of my patient data if I close my account?
  2. Billing 

    1. How do I disable auto-generated 'Unsubmitted Superbill' tasks?
    2. Where do you track the copay on the Superbill?
    3. How do I create superbill when I am bound with Kareo?
    4. How do I create a superbill?
    5. Why are duplicate patient records created in Kareo when sending a superbill?
  3. Charting 

    1. How do I print a chart note?
    2. How do I search for Patients in the EHR?
    3. Where do I find a patient’s chart notes, e-scripts, orders, results, appointments, documents, and referrals?
    4. How to use the growth charts?
    5. How do I merge duplicate charts?
  4. EHR Features 

    1. How do I export patient demographics from Practice Fusion to an Excel file?
    2. How do I update my appointment schedule?
    3. What is Patient Feedback?
    4. How do we integrate our product or service with Practice Fusion?
    5. How do I use the Patient Lists report?
  5. e-Prescribing 

    1. How do I edit my Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interactions Settings?
    2. What is the new Practice Fusion e-prescribing verification process?
    3. How do I process eRx (e-Prescribing) refill requests?
    4. How do I send an eRx (e-Prescription)?
    5. During the eRx sign-up process, where do identity verification questions come from?
  6. Immunizations 

    1. How do I set up an integration with my state immunization registry?
    2. How do I add a custom immunization or vaccine?
    3. How do I add immunizations or vaccines?
    4. How do I submit immunization data to the Oregon Alert Immunization Information System (Alert IIS) ?
    5. How do I record a vaccination to trasmit successfully to my immunization registry?
  7. Labs & Imaging 

    1. How do I suggest a lab or imaging center?
    2. Printing lab orders when insurance information unavailable
    3. What are the next steps once I am integrated with a device partner?
    4. How do I add or create a lab order?
    5. How do I manually enter lab or imaging results?
  8. Meaningful Use & PQRS 

    1. What is Direct Messaging?
    2. Where do I access the Meaningful Use dashboard and PQRS Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) report?
    3. How do I achieve Stage 2 Core Measure 10: Clinical Lab Test Results?
    4. How do I achieve Stage 1 Menu Measure 2: Lab test results as structured data?
    5. How does lab and image ordering relate to Meaningful Use?
  9. Messaging 

    1. How do I use In Practice messaging?
    2. How do I use Messaging?
    3. How do I use network messaging?
    4. How do I use patient messaging?
    5. How do I retrieve a referral message?
  10. Patient Fusion 

    1. Why don't I see my name in search results for Patient Fusion's Online Booking Page?
    2. Which users can invite patients to access the patient portal?
    3. How do we turn off our Online Booking Page?
    4. What screenings, interventions or assessments are shared with the patient?
    5. Where can I get the Online Booking Page URL?
  11. Practice Dashboard 

    1. How do I find my Direct address?
    2. What is the Practice Dashboard?
    3. How do I request a Direct account?
    4. What if I fail identity verification questions during Direct account sign up?
    5. My Dashboard is at 100% but cannot be dismissed
  12. Release Notes 

    1. Where do I find information about EHR updates?
    2. EHR update: July 17th, 2015 Release notes
    3. EHR update: June 26th Release Notes
    4. EHR update: June 4th Release Notes
    5. EHR update: May 7th Release Notes
  13. Ringadoc 

    1. Ringadoc Training Page
    2. How do I get started with Ringadoc?
    3. How do I set up my Ringadoc practice settings?
    4. How do I customize my caller experience?
    5. How do I manage my on-call calendar?
  14. Tasks 

    1. How do I reconcile 'Unsubmitted Superbill' tasks?
    2. How do I use Medication History?
    3. How do I use the Tasks section?
    4. Difference between Payer and Pharmacy Medication History?
    5. How do I create custom Reminder tasks?
  15. Templates 

    1. How do I share templates with users in my practice?
    2. How do I use templates?
    3. Charting with templates
    4. How do I unpublish a Charting template?
    5. How do I search for and publish templates?
  16. Troubleshooting 

    1. How do I disable ad blockers on my browser?
    2. Why do I need to verify my browser each time I log in to Practice Fusion?
    3. Ad banner display issue & Changing your zoom settings
    4. I am having issues seeing the buttons at the bottom of the screen
    5. Instructions for upgrading your browser to Google Chrome or Firefox
  17. All articles 

    1. How do I disable auto-generated 'Unsubmitted Superbill' tasks?
    2. How do I set up an integration with my state immunization registry?
    3. How do I import patients?
    4. How do I print a chart note?
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