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Print Active Medication List

There should be an option to print current medications alone without historical medications.

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j caluag shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hello everyone – As of 2/16/2017, we have introduced the ability to customize your printed medication lists. You can now save paper and select only the most relevant medication information for your patient care needs by printing a patient’s active, historical, or complete medication list from the chart Summary or encounter.

You can read more about how to print customized medication lists here:


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Its very confusing for the chart to print historical medications for pro-op history and physical. It isn't necessary also to include all of the refills listed. Only current medications are important.

  • lauren commented  · 

    When printing the Med list for our patients, they get confused when the Historical Meds are on this list. We would like an option to not print the historical meds with their current medications.

  • Ms Andrea Stiles commented  · 

    When sending a patient to a specialist we include the medication list with the notes. The list does not need to include the historic medications, so we would like to have an option to not include those.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    There are some real issues with the med list when printing either a visit summary or an encounter.
    If I choose to print an encounter, and include the medication list, the ENTIRE list is printed, including historical medications. This is unnecessary and a waste of paper (and time for the person receiving the encounter note).

    When printing an encounter as part of the patient's chart, it's often to send to another provider. That provider doesn't need to know that the patient had eye drops for pink eye 2 years ago, it's not relevant to what is going on for the patient right now. That provider probably also doesn't need to know every time I have refilled the patient's anti-hypertension medication, so including each incident prescription is also unnecessary and wasteful.

    Clean up this option, please. If you don't exclude the historical medications, at least allow us to choose if the med list should include historical medications. Don't print more than maybe the last 2 times a medication was prescribed. I don't have time as a provider receiving and reading these notes to sort through a bunch of historical medications (which also includes previous doses of current meds) to get to the meat of the note. I don't want to have print all of that, nor do I want to scan/fax it all. I just want a list of the patient's current medications, I don't need a detailed list of every last time those medications were prescribed.

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    I would like to print med list without historical meds.

  • Dr Ami Laws commented  · 

    Would you please add a print feature that allows you to select only Active Medications to print.

  • Dr Craig Ross commented  · 

    I'd like to print the medication list with ONLY the active medications.

  • Mrs Monique Nettles commented  · 

    We would like to have the ability while printing the medication list or sending the chart as a referral to choose between the current, historical or complete medication list.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please allow printing of "current medications only" as opposed to print "current + historical medications" when printing. This allows the print to include current meds without having to dictate them in the H/P.

  • Mrs Francesca DeAngelis commented  · 

    We like to print out the patients medication list to give them to review, currently the historical medications print out as well. This is a waste of paper and it would be helpful to not have to print out the historical medications and just print out the current medications that the patient is on.

  • Deb Martin commented  · 

    We send alot of med lists to Care facilities and they get confused when the historical med list is included with the current meds. We would like to be able to choose whether to print current meds, past meds or all meds.

  • Yoandra Jovel commented  · 

    When printing medications lists, we should be able to have the option of printing just the Active medication list. So we don't have to waste paper by having to get the inactive as well.

  • Dr Elisabeth Noelke commented  · 

    When you print out a medicine list for a patient to take home, the patient does not need to see all of the historical medications. They only need to know their current medications. (Also as the historical medications become more numerous, it uses more paper to print out.) So please either only print current medication list or give us a button so we can limit printout to active medications only.

  • Mrs Michelle Burr commented  · 

    Option to print Active med list only (vs also Historical List). Helpful as historical list becomes very long with chronic patients.

  • Mrs Susan Wells commented  · 

    When printing the patients Medication list it would be helpful to have a way to print only the current medication list and not the past meds.

  • G Moro commented  · 

    It would be great when printing the patient chart or med list, if we could filter active, historical, and all meds when printing. It just seems wasteful to sometimes print 6-10 pages of historical meds that someone is not requesting to then just have to shred it.

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