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Copay and Payment Report

We need to be able to print a daily report for payments (copay and other)

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Mrs Tammy Marie Near shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Lynn commented  · 

    Our practice sees up to 120 patients per day. We need to be able to run a report showing payments posted by cash, check and credit card daily from the appointments tab.

  • Ms Amanda Brossard commented  · 

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add an option to export billing reports (.csv or .xlsx) to track payments received.

  • Ms Liz Platt commented  · 

    Yes! As well as monthly and yearly report!

  • Miguel Rodriguez commented  · 

    Indeed we need to keep track of the copays and it will be very nice to run a report for payment / copay history.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be nice to be able to view or run a report of payment / copay history.

  • Joy commented  · 

    We need to be able to edit the type of payment, especially for cash pay patients.
    The amount they pay is not the same for every visit. The system holds the first amount you collect and on subsequent visits shows the same amount due. We collect for the next visit which is less, then the system will list the patient paid a partial payment. This is very frustrating and makes is more difficult to reconcile reports.

  • VKA commented  · 

    Yes, it will be very helpful to have a feature through which we can simply create a daily, weekly or monthly report for co-pay amounts collected. Even a simple summation for a given date range would help, regardless of whether or not we can separate co-pay amounts by type of payment such as cash or carious credit cards. Thank you very much.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    why have an area to post a payment if we can't print out a financial daily report of all that was paid during the day?

  • Dr Shah Zaman commented  · 

    Patients are paying copays with either cash, credit or check and we love how it allows us to enter it right in and print a receipt for them. However, we need to be able to generate a report that tells us cash totals, check totals and credit totals at the end of the day. Otherwise, there is no real way to track how much cash is coming in to the office and to make sure the cash drawer is accurate.

  • Tana Bagley commented  · 

    We are recording payments on paper sheets everyday and then inputting into quickbooks until this feature is added. It seems like such an easy fix, since there is the option to record the payment.... But why no option to run a daily/weekly/monthly/annual report? Seems silly

  • Mindy Schwartz commented  · 

    I do this now by printing the copay view of the appointments schedule. I would love for the copay report to total up the amount received by payment type... cash, check, credit card.

  • Debbie Alavrez commented  · 

    Also with same patient different appointments are different co pays are due.. how can i adjust that.. an edit button will help on co pays on schedule of day of

  • Jean Talleyrand MD commented  · 

    Yes.... Please..... Also need to change the CoPay amount on the Schedule

  • Mrs Noelle Wittmeyer commented  · 

    We need this to give to our accountant at the end of each year! Would love to also see an option to record money for products we sell in office and bill paying!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Would be nice if PF allowed for more than just one Payment Type. Currently, all payments indicate as Copay which is not the case for CASH patients. Please consider updating the program to allow for customizing or more user friendly options. Thanks!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It is vital to be able to post a payment and then print a receipt for the patient. It is also necessary to generate reports at the end of each day to balance out our copay/coinsurance information.

  • Dr ANN KIM commented  · 

    I come from EHR that generates daily payments received in office, broken down by cash, credit, check. I am surprised Practice fusion doesnt have this function. This function is crucial.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We definitely need a copay report, so we can see who has paid their copays, and what is outstanding for people to pay.

  • Michelle commented  · 

    Ditto. There needs to be a way to see a payment report in the patients chart. It can be right next to the appointment. The payment collected side by side with the appointment date.

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