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Expand Referral Attachment Size beyond 500 KB

We would like to be able to add attachments to referrals larger than 500KB. Most of our medical documents exceed that.

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Mrs LEMMIE REISS shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Partially Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hello everyone – we are excited to announce that as of 7/27/17 we have removed the file size restriction for attachments on electronic referrals. Electronic referrals consist of referrals sent through the Practice Fusion network (i.e. to another verified Practice Fusion provider) or via Direct Message (i.e. if the recipient uses a different EHR system).

Please note that attachments for faxed referrals must still be 500KB or less, so if you are sending an electronic referral and wish to exceed that file size limit, make sure you un-check the “Send by Fax” box prior to sending.


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  • Edward Taubman commented  · 

    presently very few of oiur colleagues use direct so we end having to fax and very frequently one note and one EKG uses up the available limit for faxing. Until direct becomes more accepted we need a larger file size for faxing

  • Mrs Anyka Kindy commented  · 

    I agree with this, OR if you have already faxed ONE referral with an attached document but it is still in process you can not send one from another patient because it exceeds the size. Very frustrating and a waste of time to then fax it a different way

  • Dr GILBERTO CONCEPCION commented  · 

    The expanded referral or document SIZE will be a great help to the all offices in the country using PRACTICE FUSION, a little frustrating example is that we CAN NOT fax an EKG. The ekg is a simple page, JUST ONE PAGE which can not be faxing to anywhere and most of the time is done in the primary doctor offices, so when the patient is referred to cardiology or scheduled in the hospital for a procedure we must to print the EKG which is already scanned and transferred to the patient chart to fax it to another facility or hospital!!!! PLEASE !!! This is a very important FEATURE to be fixed.

  • Dr Eric Leder commented  · 

    I have found that Electronic Referral Summaries often exceed the 500kb limit.
    This makes MFU-5 compliant electronic referrals difficult and requiring extra steps and redoing the Electronic Referral Summary until the size is less than 500 kb. The Referral Summary creation process should also indicate when the Referral Summary exceeds the attachment limit.

  • Dr Michael Romberg commented  · 

    Please increase attachment size to maybe a 1000 kb
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    500 Kb is very limiting in being able to add attachments to a referral. A single page with limited information took up 674 Kb.

  • Mrs Theresa Parmer commented  · 

    increase size limitations for sending out test results via fax

  • Dr. Adler commented  · 

    The 500 KB restriction severely limits the utility of the referral - and for expanded use of the "referral," such as complying with record requests.

  • Michael Sheffrin commented  · 

    We need to send medical records daily to payers that may include scanned intake or scanned labs where one page exceeds the limit!!
    5MB + is needed!!

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