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Multiple Appointment Types and Accompanying Durations in Online Appointment Booking

The online scheduler currently only allows the patient to choose from one appointment type. I propose that the patient is able to choose from separate appointment types like new appointment, follow up, acute, etc.

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  • Ms Sharon Mulloy commented  · 

    Auto default to 30 minutes anywhere in the schedule is extremely frustrating and doesn't work for us at all. We have appts from 15 min in length to 75 min in length, plus if I am just blocking for a 2 to 3 hour time frame for a meeting having it revert to 30 min after I've entered the time length makes me want to tear out my hair.

  • Laurinda Kwan, ND commented  · 

    This has been a request from practice providers since 2015. This is a HUGE pain & causes a lot of confusion with patients & our office constantly having to call after the patient has scheduled a 30min. slot to tell them this slot is not available because it's only 30min & we require 1 hour. There isn't even a place for us to leave a note to let patients know to book 2- 30min. slots, at the very least. We rely on patient online bookings heavily. My hope was when you went to a paid subscription, as you advertised, that it would allow Practice Fusion to improve your EHR. If this feature is not fixed, it would be 1 reason I would be switching after my year contract.

  • Mrs Cheryl Broderick commented  · 

    I have one very busy provider who books every 15 minutes. The online scheduler through the patient portal is great and her patients are loving this option however we may need to turn it off because the online booking doesn't reflect her open slots accurately. The 30 minute defaulted times is an issue. we need the ability to have it defaulted to 15 minutes. Please mark this as a priority.
    Thank you!

  • Dr Allison Fleming commented  · 

    I would really like to see this made a priority. Online scheduling is so valuable in this day and age, however it is unreasonable to think that 30 minute appointments are the only appointment duration that is utilized in medical offices.

  • Mrs Jaime Henry commented  · 

    The online booking feature is great, however it only allows for 30 minute booking slots. New patients require 60 minutes for examination and treatment. We have had a few double bookings due to this issue and need it resolved quickly.

  • Mary Christman commented  · 

    I would like to be able to set the time slots that patients see on patient fusion so when they request an appointment they can only select times we see patients. (i.e. patient asking for an 11:00 when our last appointment in the a.m. is 10:50.)

  • Edward Taubman commented  · 

    this is creating unnecessary call backs by us to the patients to explain that 30 minutes is not enough for a new patient physical and that the allotted slot is not long enough and therefore the appts needs to be moved to a different date and time

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    PLEASE WORK ON THIS FEATURE. I rely heavily on patients booking their own appointments, and must consider changing EMR if this feature does not work. It creates extra work to have to deny request then call patient because their appointment conflicts with others based on 30 minute time slot allotted,

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can the times available for patient requests for an appointment be customized so the online appointment schedule window will only show one hour time slots available. Currently, it shows 30 minute increments

  • Geoffrey Marshall commented  · 

    This would be extremely helpful. We are frequently having to deny appointment requests due to the lack of this feature. It's chewing up valuable time, both in the schedule, and in having to remedy the request.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    That is sooo important. More customization is needed on the patient interface for scheduling
    Half an hour booking easily chews up the available slots

  • Ms Miho Adkins commented  · 

    Currently, our online scheduler shows opening slots for 30min increments. Due to the nature of my service (counseling), I would like to see 60 min increment slots for online scheduler.

  • Dr Caroline Jones Redstone commented  · 

    Yes! The current default to 30 minutes does not work for me at all. Customization is necessary!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be super helpful for patients to be able to customize the type of appointment to book (i.e. follow-up, new patient, brief sick visit, etc) when they schedule the appointment online themselves

  • Dr Grin Lord commented  · 

    This is a serious problem; I was so excited for this feature only to find out it doesn't actually reflect my available time slots. I cannot have clients booking hour long appointments in 30 minute time slots.

  • Gresham Counseling and Therapy LLC commented  · 

    I can't use online scheduling until this is resolved. I cannot have my clients booking 1 hour appointments in 30 minute time slots. There will ultimately be overbooking, and this is a problem, so I won't use online scheduling until I can specify the appointment blocks.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Would love to have the online appointment booking tool to allow for 15 min increments.
    Some of our med check-ins are only 15 minutes. It would be best to be able to have appointments be scheduled for 15, 30, or 45 blocks as we set as available from the backend.

  • Jeannine Cannito commented  · 

    My hours and days are always varying. Need more customization!!!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Ideally, the online scheduling system should allow one to customize times necessary for a visit based on visit type (new vs. follow up, etc). The fact that the scheduler does not make this distinction results in many appointments having to be denied or rescheduled because the patient has no way of knowing whether the "open" slot is suitable only for a follow up visit or can accommodate a new visit. Very time consuming to reschedule all these patients!

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