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Custom Flowsheet Fields

We would like to have custom fields so we can track the results that we want to in our practice.

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  • Dr Friedrich Bieling commented  · 

    The current flow sheet is a headache for obstetricians and midwives. If you want to reach OBGYN and midwife practices, you will have to create a flow sheet that can be customized to meet the ACOG guidelines.
    For myself, I have created a "hack" for the prenatal care landmark labs that can be populated as care moves on and still be seen whole. A simplified page 3 and 4 ACOG sheets. Notice the chronological order.
    I call it "Landmarks". I place it under "History", Preventive Care, which arguably it is.

    Landmark Labs
    Pap test:
    Blood group and type:
    Hepatitis B:
    Quad screen:
    1 Hour glucose:
    Group B Strep:

  • R. Kern commented  · 

    Would like to add Peak Flow Rate (PFR) as a vital.

  • Ralph Lebovits commented  · 

    Agreed. Need it for rapid strep tests in urgent care.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    NEED IT for Psych testing especially now that we are paying for the EMR.

  • Mr Johnny Moore commented  · 

    I agree with this completely, our practice monitors Blood sugar and A1C on all diabetic patients just as an example, there isn't an option in "vitals" to even put the blood sugar down, and no option to record A1C without attaching an order to it. Having a custom field to be able to input our own personal necessities would be great.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Being able to track body measurements for weight loss in a flow sheet would be very helpful, without having to go back in encounters to find the information. Neck, Chest, hips, waist, thighs...

  • Hector L Frisbie commented  · 

    Completely agree. Being ablate have a Prescription Drug Monitor Program compliance Flowsheet will be very helpful. Being able just to write OK, Seeking drugs, Other providers will allow providers to save time

  • Dr Marc Hare commented  · 

    Custom flowsheet fields would be invaluable for those of us who see a lot of wounds to be able to enter wound measurements (pre and post debridement) as well as wound location and other characteristics.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, Cardiovascular Risk Scores, Weight loss/gain, Asthma Control scores, Hgb A1c, INR, Blood Sugar/Blood Pressure Ranges, Depression Scores... The list is endless that practices could see immediately how patients are doing without having to scan through pages and pages of scanned documents or notes

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree with the need for custom flowsheet field input. We'd use it for health maintenance items and diabetic items, especially.

  • Nicole Smith commented  · 

    Being in the sleep medicine field, we would like to track Epworth and FOSQ scores.

  • Dr AKHIL RAGHURAM commented  · 

    Epworth scores, residual AHI and neck circumference for Sleep Docs would be great

  • Brian Martinez commented  · 

    Custom fields and testing (or adding Intraocular Measurements, Visual Fields reports, retinal tomograph reports, OCT reports, etc) will add in getting Ophthalmologists as well.

  • MMA commented  · 

    This will help adding data on each visit.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    have editable flowchart fields. for example, we do sugar internally in the office but cannot put in the value anywhere on the flow chart.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    THIS WOULD Particularly hELPFUL for prothrombin time/INR and Coumadin dosage

  • Ms Deborah Edington commented  · 

    We REALLY need these CUSTOM FIELDS for flowsheets for the non lab preventative and treatment options. I am using both of the comment fields for specific items not available on your list. I could easily use 15 more. I like the flowsheet process for trends and tracking at point of care.

  • Amber Tayman commented  · 

    Please add custom fields to the flowsheet. We need to be able to add things like Falls, results of depression screens, etc at each visit for our dementia patients in the flowsheet at the top of each SOAP.

  • Sandy commented  · 

    We need custom flowsheets fields for labs that have been done by specialty offices and the results sent to us. I understand I can add a lab result manually but why would you save/store it in the timeline rather than in the flowsheet?

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