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Please consider adding a "NAME ALERT" option for patients of similar/same names.

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Starla shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Arroyoit commented  · 

    GENERAL ALERT could be used for a variety of issues. Red flag possible dangerous behaviors as well as MULTIPLE CHARTS SAME NAME...

  • Arroyoit commented  · 

    I can not believe that this program does not have such a feature.
    It should be categorized more than helpful. It is an emergency situation to make the product help prevent disastrous consequences. ISN'T THAT WHAT CEHRT is designed to do? Improve patient care?
    I am surprised that an alert system is not a requirement.

  • Ms Stephanie Hutchens commented  · 

    I have multiple patients with the same or similar names. It would help to have a box on profile page to check so pop up alert box will make you double confirm those checked names.

  • Eliany Gonzalez commented  · 

    This feature will be really helpful. Please consider this feature.

  • Dr William Henderson commented  · 


  • Paul Sorell commented  · 

    One too many times, especially when in a hurry (and when AREN'T we) someone will create a new record for what they thought was a new patient, only to have someone else later discover that there are now TWO records for the EXACT SAME PATIENT. Sure, the first person should have taken the time to first look and see if there was already an existing record for the patient they were about to enter...but they don't (remember I said "idiot-proof") ...and now we end up with the two records for the same patient.

  • Dr Julie Konowitz-Sirkin commented  · 

    It would be very helpful and would help to prevent medical errors regarding charting on the incorrect patient if there was a name alert box that could be checked under the patient profile, which would somehow produce a visible alert when searching for patients and opening a patient chart.

  • caitlin ayers commented  · 

    This would be SO helpful. Please consider this!

  • Brendan Levy commented  · 

    - When Adding Patient the redundant patient check should be case insensitive and ignore trailing spaces and probably consider hyphens equal to spaces.

  • Mrs MISTY EDEN commented  · 

    Alert for SAME NAME for patient profile and when uploading documents.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I am having the same problem as the others. In the past, the system would list other patients with similar names when I entered new patient data, and ask if I wanted to create the new patient folder. Also, I always search first to see if a patient is already in the system, but the new interface has failed to pull up some patient records, leading to the creation of duplicate records. Probably 4 in the past few weeks.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    as above "same name patients"or "implanted pacemaker devices""patient has home health" "patient is on blood thinner"Patient needs pre-admit for any procedures

  • Mrs Anita Powell commented  · 

    We have four patients with the same name, all males. This is problematic for our office.

  • Dr Julie Konowitz-Sirkin commented  · 

    This is an absolute necessity, as we have several patients with the same or similar names. This would drastically help to reduce charting errors.

  • ariel commented  · 

    If there are two current patients in the practice with similar names, an bright orange alert should appear by their name (or as a background color in the name field) throughout the EHR so we do not accidentally select and schedule/chart on the wrong patient.

  • Julianne commented  · 

    I agree this would be helpful as we serve Amish and Mennonite communities where there are duplicate names, including middle initials. Seeing this alert during new patient entry would be good, and also when you are in other sections of the EHR. Maybe color-coded highlighting over the duplicate names to draw attention.

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