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Timeline Content Display

When you select Timeline, it would be better if PF would wait for you to select which of the dropdown choices you want. Frequently I want to see labs or documents. Since PF does not stick on the last used choice (I wish it did), at least you would not wait for the encounters to load before you can select documents again.

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Alan Levinstone MD shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Kevin J. Rodbell, MD commented  · 

    Here are a couple of really high-yield ideas that I've been compiling.

    -combined timeline would be really useful. ideally, would let you very quickly select content types using radio buttons, and then compile and display selected types in chronological order.

    -there should be a quick-click option for 'all content types'.

    -LABS: by default, there should be one option for displaying lab orders TOGETHER with lab results. you could make an option to toggle only results, only order, or both, but default view should be both.

    -really, by default, LABS should be combined with IMAGING (also should have orders and results together).

    - by default, DOCUMENTS should display pending as well as signed. otherwise, it takes too much clicking

    -within each patient, the last view selected should remain until you close that chart.

    I believe these suggestions would substantially improve usability.
    thanks for your consideration!

  • CMK commented  · 

    I would like the timeline to be customizable where a user can choose one or more (or all) items from the list of different types of "encounters" to display.

    Further, any scanned document once clicked should open in a separate window and stay open as long as I am 'inside' the same chart, and close automatically when I get out of the chart. While the current system of keeping the document available as a tab is much better than the earlier method where you could save the m in the clipboard, it is still very time and click consuming. When reviewing a record one often has to go back and forth multiple times between the noted and the documents.

    Overall I love the new EHR, even though I still hate the fact that I have become a data entry clerk for... but that is a separate issue! Please keep up the good work

  • Dr Dmitriy Pales commented  · 

    When I need to look at the several documents in the timeline, after reviewing one of them, the system goes back to "encounters", and you need to switch it again to "documents", which always takes several clicks. It should go back to the last mode "documents". I also think it should be customized to open always on certain tab of user choice (like documents or labs) rather than always default back to encounters.

  • Rgor commented  · 

    I think the main issue is seeing documents. A universal view that shows scanned and "native" docs would allow someone to see an scanned lab result and the encounter that happened. Recalling the previous view would be helpful but I'm not sure how that would work since it is web based.
    It would be easier to have a scanned document open in a different window thus you have the note and it's associated document viewed w/o jumping and closing back & forth.

  • Dontstopkeepmoving commented  · 

    Agree, when I click on timeline I often go to documents and if it went to the one most used it would save me clicks thus speeding up my work flow

  • Dr Angus Matheson commented  · 

    That would be great. I would also love a timeline that had all clinical "events" in chronological order. I would love every 1) encounter 2) lab 3) imaging 3) documents (because a lot of labs and x-rays and referral notes get put into documents) 4) messages attached to that patient (and later tasks associated with a patient when we can create tasks. It would be great if everything since the last encounter were somehow bold or in a different color. Basically this is everything clinically new since the last time you saw this patient. I would love this to be the initial timeline. But you only need to load the first little bit - maybe everything since last encounter. Then let us select more if we need to see more in specific catagories - like labs, encounters, documents.

  • Josh Elder commented  · 

    I would really enjoy the function like Alan suggested for PF to remember your last choice in the drop down.

    When we are viewing lab results, we have to go back to the Timeline and it defaults to encounters, so we have to keep clicking on lab results over and over.

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