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Flowsheets for viewing vitals and lab results over time

Flow charts are needed to keep track of all manner of ongoing issues. For example, health maintenence: colonoscopy, mamogram, ekg, etc.

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Robert Pritchard shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Howard P commented  · 

    I try to use flowsheet for viewing lab results over time. However, some test name is not user friendly and can't be modified.

    For instance: when search Peanut IGE, it showed up as "Arachis hypogaea Ab IgE" This is correct test but it will not show as Peanut Ab IgE! All other food allergen Ab IgE's have same issue. SO please update your data base, or, at least let us change the name in our flow sheet!

  • Andrea commented  · 

    I need to be able to put a date (whether specific date or month/yr only) for colonoscopy, flu vaccine, diabetic eye exam and foot exam. Also to be able to add text only for my diabetic spread sheet. Example: Mr X. Diabetic foot exam. 6/2015 (Dr Smith).

    I also need to be able to adjust warfarin doses. I have the info(result only) in the spread sheet but I also keep an Excel sheet on my desktop b/c yours isn't as user friendly as mine. My doctor has to click 15 thousand times to get to the info of what the patient's dose is (which he won't do) and any instructions related to that specific lab. I have to put the instructions in the "comments" at the top of the lab for quick viewing AND in the "comments" section for the INR (so it will show up in the spread sheet). I have to use both places b/c comments on individual lab results are minimized and you don't know the comment is there if you didn't put it there. You have to "open" every value to see if anything is written in the comment. All I want is a comment for: INR result and notes.

  • Vijaya Mummadi commented  · 

    Only Vital signscan be viewed using Flow sheets now but the rest of the ongoing issues, labs or meaningful uses (Eg: Mammogram,colonoscopy, etc) are not able to be put in a flow sheet. This needs to be updated where we can create our own flow sheets with what ever events we want to and able to see it in one spot rather than looking at each and every note to figure out where we put that information. I think an area within Flow sheets should be present as well where if the labs or imaging did not come through EMR we should be able to add the number and/or the date it was done on. Is PF working on this upgrade.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Flow sheet format wastes space. Agree with Joselyn Gumbs comment 4/15/16. Love the idea of flowsheets, but please compact the empty space required to view/print them.

  • Dr Joslyn Gumbs commented  · 

    We stopped using the flow sheet due to space issues. Previously in the horizontal format with vitals across the top of the chart the flow sheet was printable and we had the ability to immediately track information. In the longitudinally spacing is an issue. We cannot print and track information and only some many visits are available for view on line. When we have to track 10-15 visits as in pregnancy it becomes cumbersome and we resort to paper flow sheets.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    LMP on the flowsheet needs to accept a date, such as 4/12/16. Currently all you can do is choose a single digit number.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    LMP should be on all flowsheets for women of childbearing age. Entry needs to be the date of the last menstrual period. It would also be nice if it had an alert features, such as changing the color if LMP was more than 4 weeks prior to today's date.

  • Willis Gaffney commented  · 

    I would like 3 functions added to flow sheets
    -consultations completed i.e. things like diabetic eye exam, etc
    -free form so I can track how I am changing warfarin, insulin etc

  • Alejandro commented  · 

    We have been waiting for the ability to create our OWN flowsheets measures! can you please enable that option! thanks for the vitals and the lab values that are reported with LIONC but we have values that even if they are entered manually by us .. thanks in advanced!

  • Dr Christopher Lucas commented  · 

    A common theme here in the comments is the ability to have user defined categories so as to track progress in specialty specific variables. Please consider implementing this.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I whole-heartedly agree with Jeannine Rodems. It would be very helpful to be able to create a Health Maintenance category to keep track of all of the routine health maintenance studies (mammo, Pap, colonoscopy, etc). Was excited to see the Flowsheet feature but then was disappointed when I couldn't create a Health Maintenance sheet.

  • Medea Karr commented  · 

    A few other providers mentioned the physical medicine standardized scales that we use to track progress at different visits. In addition to the standardized scales my office would also like to track various medication trials and responses, treatments/interventions and responses, etc., and I'm thinking the easiest way to accommodate this would be to allow us to customize the flow sheets. Just give us the ability to add our own names of cells and manually enter in numerical values or text comments, and then you can satisfy the needs of all the different practice types in the PF community. I actually already started creating drafts of a number of sample Flowsheets for pain management/physical medicine, and then discovered that they wouldn't work with the current Flowsheet capability in PF, but mine are ready to go if you give us the ability to customize flow sheets, and then I'll be happy to share them with the community!
    - Medea Karr ARNP
    fibromyalgia and myofascial pain management

  • Dr Jeannine Rodems commented  · 

    Thanks for the flow sheets! We still need the ability in the flow sheets to put routine health maintenance tasks completed or diabetes tasks completed so we can see it all in one area -- for example, it is nice to have the HgA1c and vitals for diabetics, but I would also like to put in the date of the eye exam or the foot exam to be complete. For routine health maintenance, their date of mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy -- so I can see them all in one place to be able to update right away if there is anything due, with each visit to keep on top of the population management.

  • Anthony Chiaramida commented  · 

    Allow for missing data directly into cells. It is very difficult to match up the flowchart with the lab report.

    Also, there is data that comes on paper from other doctors. The available method for data entry is VERY difficult, and I have found it basically unusable.

  • Mr Perry Cooper commented  · 

    Feedback on Flowsheets:

    I played with the new feature and while it is welcomed, it provides little value in the ability to use it. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Remove the excess bulk as there is very little screen real-estate to be able to use this well. While just looking at in the chart note itself, it should only contain simple information for quick review but one could click on it for more detailed information.
    2. It would have been nice to be able to place different flowsheets either in the SOAP itself rather than being on top. For example: Objective -- add flowsheet for vitals. Plan -- add flowsheet for after treatment vitals.
    3. Allow for more custom values to be added.

  • Jackie commented  · 

    It would be great if there were a way to export flowsheet data for specific populations. For example, we want to monitor all patients with diabetes and track their Hgb-A1C levels over time (and do similar tracking with other chronic illnesses and relevant lab values).

  • Lorraine commented  · 

    when is this deploying to everyone?

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