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Would like cancelled & no show appointments to be hidden when hiding Seen appointments

Can you fix it to where the no-show & cancelled appointments disappear off of the schedule like the seen appointments? It will save so much time scrolling through the day's schedule & will definitely make the day schedule look cleaner. Thanks.

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Melisa Stewart shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mrs Elena Izoita commented  · 

    now can you also add the capability to change to "charted" and "superbill complete" to the options of "in lobby" "in room" and "seen"

    as a way for providers to remember to finish charting on a patient and/or finish superbill

    that would be great!

  • Julianne commented  · 

    With this idea in mind, how about the ability to hide all seen and no show visits on the daily schedule but still have them show up on the weekly schedule? Can the settings be page specific?

  • Mrs Lafonda Gunter commented  · 

    It seems that we can now take the cancelled appointments off of our upcoming daily and weekly schedule. Thanks!

  • Kathleen commented  · 

    thank you, is there any way to also do this when looking at the weekly scheduler. It makes it hard for the doctor looking at his surgical schedule when the surgeries that have been canceled still show on schedule

  • christina commented  · 

    when you go to your appointments for the day, there is a drop box for display options, deselected completed appointments.

  • Mrs Carol Jacques commented  · 

    I would like to be able to print the schedule without the cancelled appointments showing.

  • Karen Wrubel commented  · 

    We only use the "Day" view, as we have 3 doctors at the same time. Please allow the cancelled appointments to be hidden on the "Day" view. That will also allow us to add in last minute appointments to fill the cancelled slots.

  • Karen Spear commented  · 

    Please, please let us take cancelled appointments off of the schedule. How do we know where empty spots are at a glance. Sometimes three people are waiting for appointment scheduling and we have to read through all of the appointments.

  • Mrs Mary Gautreau commented  · 

    It is so confusing and not efficient when you look at the top of the screen in the schedule and you see 26 appointments at the end of the day and realize only as you go through each one that actually you only saw 19 that day because the rest were no shows or cancelled or rescheduled. It would be GREAT if you the top showed a number for seen or scheduled, cancelled, no show. That would be the most accurate but just at least getting cancelled or no showed out of view would be better. Another example. We wanted to schedule a patient the other day but when looking at the providers schedule for that day it looked as though the provider was booked just by going off of the number at top of scheduling page. When we looked further a couple of days later and went through each appointment she actually had three cancels showing in that number that we could have given appointments

  • Ms Tracy Schmidt commented  · 

    I had suggested that once an appointment is canceled or no show, that a new time slot be generated on the schedule on the day and the week tabs. This way it can be filled.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, I was wondering the same thing. We would like to know how the cancelled appts will disappear off the schedule. It makes it very confusing when looking at the schedule, while the cancelled are still on there. Thanks

  • MARIA HERNANDEZ commented  · 

    Agreed, taking cancellations off the view would be great!

  • Briana Miller commented  · 

    Yes that is one thing that I have noticed that causes some conflict. It is hard to tell where the providers have open spots in the schedule. It makes scheduling patients take a little bit longer.

  • Dr Heide Crandall commented  · 

    Please bring back option to remove cancelled/no show appointments to the week schedule. Very hard to see what appointments are available.

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