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Co-sign / Countersign chart notes

I'm a nurse practitioner. In Tennessee my supervising physician needs to be able to co sign certain of my charts and a certain percentage of my charts. I must sign and the MD must sign. A flagging system or simply allowing 2 signatures on the same chart is needed.

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Mr Paul Mayer shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is a feature that we would be interested in as well. Very useful in our Behavioral Therapy practice

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Physicians are not required to co-sign charts in Florida (one of the most restricted practice states for ARNP). Restricting APRN ability to sign charts causes me to change title from NP/PA to MD/DO. An option should be created for both provider types (physicians and authorized non-physicians) to practice within their scope.

  • Isla commented  · 

    Yes, this is a critical feature that is needed to continue to allow practices with midlevel providers be able to use this EHR.

  • Tom Scales commented  · 

    As a supervising physician in TN, it is a legal requirement that i cosign the progress notes and medical records of the mid-level practitioner i supervise. Allowing 2 signatures on the same chart is needed for all mid-level providers.
    Tom Scales, MD

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, please add co-sign feature

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please add co-sign feature to Practice fusion! My collaborating MD lives 9 hours away and we only meet quarterly. Would be nice if he could sign charts every week instead of having a ton at the end of 3 months. Not to mention the ink it would save me! Thanks PF!!

  • Dr. Paulus commented  · 

    Crucial feature! It would help tremendously if Practice Fusion could add a sign and co-sign feature.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, please add this feature quickly.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is critical for our practice to function, please expedite this process!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hamid Fadavi commented  · 

    It will be great to have this options for PAs in all states. They all require MD/DO supervision.

  • Dr Jessica Aleman commented  · 

    When being audited in the past, auditors have reviewed progress notes and other documentation being completed by more than 1 provider it has frequently been required to have each individual provider sign the note or other document. Is there any way to create a feature where multiple providers can sign documents?

  • Mrs Amy West commented  · 

    This is an essential feature for our practice as the MD needs to co-sign charts of diabetes educators.

  • Whitney commented  · 

    Would this be a hard feature to add? It's necessary for an MD to cosign a certain amount of charts for many NPs and PAs to practice. Let me know if there's anything I can do to enable this feature. Thank you!

  • Elias Rodriguez commented  · 

    This is one of the features that is essential in my practice. I would love to exclusively use this EHR for my practice but the inability for Physicians to co-sign the notes of Physician's Assistants and Nurse Practitioners is essential. Please Expedite this update. This is essential for billing and practice issues. Most EHRs have this feature as a basic feature. What else can be done to expedite this feature on Practice Fusion?

  • Hannah Frazee commented  · 

    This is critical for our practice to function, please expedite this process. It's hard to believe this is still not resolved.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree with all other folks on this thread, including many who have not written a note here -- this is a very VERY important feature of EMR in the modern age, especially as billing gets tighter and more attention than EVER. Please fast track the ability to co/countersign charts. This is a basic necessity for legally practicing modern medicine.

  • Jim Carlile commented  · 

    This feature needs to be added ASAP to make this EMR an possible option for MANY practices as co-signatures are required in most states.

  • Dr ralph casazza commented  · 

    we are a small training site, with interns/trainees who need to have their documentation signed off by a supervisor/licensed clinician.

  • Jeff Garofalo commented  · 

    PracticeFusion has the cleanest UI of any EMR I've worked with. If PA/NP/student co-signing and batch-adding of diagnoses are implemented I would be able to recommend it without reservation.

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