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Enhancing the e-Prescribing Pharmacy List and Searching

Can you add a favorite pharmacy list?

For example, I use mostly 8 pharmacies for 95% of my prescriptions . If I put cvs pharmacy the first time, the system should be able to store the cvs I use and it should automatically come up first.

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samuel preschel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

Great idea. We have heard about this from other providers as well.

To anyone else who may be interested in this feature, please add your voice to the conversation by commenting below or by voting for this feature so we know it is important to you. This will improve the likelihood that we add this feature to the Practice Fusion EHR.

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I experience that not all pharmacies within my area are populated in the drop down list. I suggest that there be an option to input the patient's preferred pharmacy without having to go through the prescription process. The imputed pharmacy would then auto populate when a prescription is processed.

  • Valentina commented  · 

    The most important feature is a designated area in the patient's chart to store the pharmacy information without having to start the e-prescribing process. If the doctor is e-prescribing he doesn't want to be picking which pharmacy it goes into, it should already be in there.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Frequently use pharmacies list would be a great asset

  • Sonya Bumpers commented  · 

    Having a Pharmacy table that auto populated for our various cities as a drop down would be awesome. This would help when contacting the pharmacies and keeping up with Pt's medications..

  • Dr anwar mumtaz commented  · 

    pharmacy name should also come up with city name.

    lot of time patients know the city name but do not know the zip code.

    when e-prescribing ,all the fields should be in one page.
    reduce the number of clicks which adds up to complete the prescription.

    all the fields should be in one page including pharmacy information

    i should have the ability to have favorite pharmacy list like other feature of diagonosis and medications

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    this change would be very helpful

  • Mrs Pam Anderson commented  · 

    Nurses and MAs need to be able to locate a pharmacy from the eRX list and attach it to the patient's chart. It is a huge waste of time for a prescriber to look up all the pharmacies, especially since insurance companies are forcing you to use a particular mail-order pharmacy.

  • Paul Sorell commented  · 

    Another tweak on all the comments here... Every time I go to choose a pharmacy I have to perform "3" clicks BEFORE I EVEN GET STARTED entering any search info. Why? I must first click "clear all fields" to remove the stupidly auto-populated zip code field; then I click on "Advanced Search" to open up all the search criteria fields; and finally I click on the box to begin entering the name of the pharmacy. IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF: (1) NO fields were pre-populated, (2) ALL search fields were available and visible by default, and (3) The cursor would begin by default in the "Name" field of the pharmacy. Now we go from "3" wasted clicks to "0" and can just begin entering the relevant search criteria we want! And... WHY? Because MOST times I can locate the pharmacy by simply entering 2 uniquely distinct criteria (i.e. CVS + Larkfield (the name of the street) or Levin's + Commack or Midville + (631) 367) and NOT have to enter anything else, and certainly NOT the zip code... that's the LAST piece of information any patient remembers about their pharmacy. Get the idea?! Help reduce clicks, wasted time, and carpal tunnel injuries! THANK YOU!

    ALSO, have a way to enter, edit and delete pharmacy info from the summary screen so ANYONE can do it...not just prescribers at the time of sending an eRx! (Leave the ability to do it at the time of prescribing as well, like it is currently, but PLEASE, PLEASE help out us prescribers...this whole eRx thing has me now doing MORE and MORE clerical work that can be legitimately done by other office staff thereby freeing me back up to care for patients...remember them? After all, this is what this whole electronic nightmare is about...taking better care of them. THANK YOU.

  • Mr Charles Kendzierski Jr commented  · 

    It would be nice if we could save pharmacies we use often with a nickname, like the cross roads they are at, we have 3 Meijer pharmacies in a 2 mile area, it takes a long time to find out what one is the right one clicking back and forth on the maps.

  • Jocelyn Bonner commented  · 

    Please also do the list of patient pharmacies with the address/phone/fax numbers in the patient summary as previously suggested. Should not have start the prescribing process if all you need is the pharmacy information to call or fax.

    Also please add an option to send a discontinue medication notation to the pharmacy.
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I vote yes for this feature. It would make my life easier.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    Although this is nice, I think it is more important that the EHR store the pharmacy identified by the patient as most used or last used by the patient.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    I know this was acknowledged in February, but I'd like to point out again that folly that is using the zip code to search. For example, we have a Harris Teeter that is literally less than 2 blocks away. However, their zip code is not the same as ours, so when I search for pharmacies near my facility location, neither the Harris Teeter nor any of the other pharmacies that are only a few blocks away show up in the list (there's a Walgreen's and a CVS).
    Also, most patients, when they go to their local pharmacy they don't often know the zip code of the pharmacy. Do you know the zip code of your pharmacy? Most people don't memorize zip code maps.
    "Nearby" should not be within the same zip code, but within a certain mile (maybe 5 to 10) radius of a site, based on geography, not mail delivery.

  • Ms Karrin Campbell commented  · 

    This would be a wonderful feature and we need it badly! Also we would like to have a way to have the patients pharmacy show up on the summary page. For now I am sending a message to myself from the patients chart and then just archiving all the messages. When I do this the pharmacy shows up on the summary tab.

  • Dr Anthony Hoffman DPM commented  · 

    Please only list pharmacies that are in my vicinity, for instance, when I input pharmacy name it should list pharmacies within 25 miles radius of patient's zip code.

  • BEN commented  · 

    Agree with above comments. Why not a favorite list. Also searching by zip does not show all pharmacies in the zip.

  • michele commented  · 

    i would like to be able to designate my "favorite" pharmacies as well. Also would be nice to search for pharm by phone # or fax # instead of zip code... who knows all the zip codes in your state???

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    In my area there are about 5 pharmacies. My patients come a 45 mile radius so I have to look up pharmacies in their area. My patient's seem to not know the term home pharmacy. They call around and find to cheapest pharmacy as few have insurance. There should be a radio button to highlight which pharmacy they wish to use most often or which to use at this visit.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    When searching for a local pharmacy by pharmacy name, I'd like it to default to only searching for pharmacies within my state.

    Within my city is too tight (we are in a suburb and most pharmacies aren't in our city limits). But nationwide searches return far too many results.

  • ELLEN HYNES commented  · 

    please please add this - it is impossible for doc to do escribes! more then half the time she spends entering for scripts is because of the pharmacy issue!!

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