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Enhancing the e-Prescribing Pharmacy List and Searching

Can you add a favorite pharmacy list?

For example, I use mostly 8 pharmacies for 95% of my prescriptions . If I put cvs pharmacy the first time, the system should be able to store the cvs I use and it should automatically come up first.

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samuel preschel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

Great idea. We have heard about this from other providers as well.

To anyone else who may be interested in this feature, please add your voice to the conversation by commenting below or by voting for this feature so we know it is important to you. This will improve the likelihood that we add this feature to the Practice Fusion EHR.

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  • Margaret commented  · 

    Yes, Have pharmacies listed in order of use and separate mail order from local. Have them come up on main screen. I liked the old system with script order all on one page .. not its like 5 boxes. Also, if you are going to have other info on screen the most important in my opinion is the last note and meds prescribed/ continued at that visit.

  • Tracie commented  · 

    Need a way to be able to put a default for your pharmacy or your most common to come up first. Takes too much time to have to search all the time and put in zip codes

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    YES, Please do add the preferred pharmacy list capability. We use only a few pharmacies.

  • Sherrell Campbell commented  · 

    You bet!!!!
    Also, make the pt's pharmacy list available to see somewhere on summary sheet, rather than having to get to the final prescribing screen.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    Definitely order the pharmacy list just as you have ordered the Diagnosis list, in order of the times utilized. Speaking of order, I like that the Medications are in alphabetical order by generic name, that's working great for me. Could the diagnoses be listed in order of ICD code? I have an easier time going through the list of finding a particular diagnosis when they are ordered that way, and it helps avoid duplicating a diagnosis that I miss seeing when I scan a long list. Maybe it's just me, but finding something in a completely random list is much more difficult.

  • Alan Levinstone MD commented  · 

    I agree with the comments. PF should by default show the most often used pharmacies. Default to Retail is fine but don't show pharmacies all over the country. Clicking mail order should show the ones we use. Finding a long term pharmacy from the scroll is a pain: Type aetna Home yields nothing. Must type Home to get Aetna Rx Home. The search should do the 'OR' of the words.

  • Ms Ann Ross commented  · 

    I would like to have the pharmacy list already populated with my most frequently used pharmacies listed for those I have never prescribed on (like PF used to be). I'd also like to be able to do a pharmacy search by phone number or city/state. We have so many different zip codes all squished together where we live near Houston, that I usually have to go to the Internet and do a search by the name of the pharmacy to know what zip code to put in and then go back to PF and put it in.

  • Mary commented  · 

    I agree. When I enter Walgreens, as an example, the first on the list is in Texas - I'm in Idaho. So I have to put in a zip code, as many of my patients don't live near my clinic.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    superb idea. We are like that as well. Use about 7-10 pharmacies 95% of the time.

  • Ms Myra Howard commented  · 

    I agree. A staff asked my why this isn't happening since the old system had our local pharmacies at the top.

  • Ms Myra Howard commented  · 

    I agree and have sent a post regarding this. We had this on the old version.

  • Julianne commented  · 

    Our office agrees. The most recently used pharmacies should be at the top of the list of choices, even for first time patients. Our provider just mentioned this today. This is something the old system provided without having to type city or zip.

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