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We need the ability to enter more than one blood pressure

Often, more than one blood pressure reading is taken during a visit. For example, if a patient needs to be assessed for dehydration, or if the BP is very high. There needs to be a way to enter more than one BP reading, including whether it was taken standing, sitting, or lying, and in which arm.

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  • C. Williams commented  · 

    We would like to be able to add more than one reading for orthostatic BP's but need the additional properties like lying, sitting, standing, etc to be visible without having to click on each reading. Being able to create a flowsheet with different rows for each of these would be helpful

  • Abe Herrera commented  · 

    Can you create an option to have additional oxygen levels recorded such as 1/8 liters? Currently the system is designed for adult patients yet our pediatric community requires oxygen delivery in smaller doses.

  • DG commented  · 

    Also need to be able to hide the "extra" BP box if not filled in, so that it doesn't look like it was not performed or should have been performed.

  • Sherrell Campbell commented  · 

    Would like to see orthostatic documentation available as well.

  • Anthony Spezza commented  · 

    It would be great if you could also include option to repeat any of the vitals, not just BP. We frequently do orthostatics so we would need a slot for repeated pulse along with BP. Also handy to be able to chart repeat vitals/pain level/o2 sat/etc after treatments to show changes in response to treatment. So basically an option to repeat the entire row of vitals would be great, including pain level. Thanks!

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