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Delegating e-prescribing ability to practice staff

Staff, other than prescribers (i.e. MAs and nurses) need to be able to send e-prescriptions in the physician's name.

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  • Dr Matt Davis commented  · 

    This is ridiculously important. I cannot understand why it has not yet been addressed.

  • Laike Brand commented  · 

    If another staff other than Dr can set up the client information, pharmacy which will reduce the time the Dr spends doing this. They complain it takes up too much time. All they want to do is confirm & send the prescription.

  • Vance commented  · 

    Please create the abiltiy for Nurse, MAs, to prescribe and refill under MD's name.

  • Mrs Elizabeth Sullivan commented  · 

    I am a Nurse Practitioner in MO and currently working at a pain management practice. Unfortunately NPs in MO are limited to a 5 day supply of controlled substances. In a previous EHR I was able to put the prescription in and then send it to the physician to sign and EPCS. Would make things much easier if this was an option!

  • Michelle Stephens, APRN-CNP commented  · 

    Very difficult to keep work flow through the patient rooms if providers are held up by doing the e-perscribing for every patient.

  • Corbin Lee commented  · 

    Very inefficient to have the physician do all his own refills. Office staff need to be able to refill all non-narcotics via the eperscribe.

    Corbin Lee

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agreed, this is an urgently needed feature

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We commonly instruct the MA to call in refills. They should at least have some easy way to do it electronically without the phone call. We need that feature.

  • Mrs Stacey Scott commented  · 

    Clinic staff needs to be able to be more a part of the process then what is currently. We need to be able to add rx requests to the refill list. Currently we have to send a message to the provider, and wait for her to sort through her large list. Please set up delegations for at least being able to add in the refills requests directly to the Refill list.

  • Dr KATHERINE MCNEESE commented  · 

    nurses need to be able to send refills to the "list" just like the ERX from pharmacy.
    currently they either have to message the physician, which is time consuming, or print the prescription. THEN we have to hand write my name and prescribing info, because it lists the nurse as the prescriber when she prints from her screen

  • Dr Adam Law MD commented  · 

    At least a 1 button click. This can run like the documents signing page - list of patient names with a box that can be checked and then all can be signed simultaneously. A line for each drug, dose, refills wouldn't take up much space. This takes way too long each day.

  • Kristin Wise commented  · 

    The ability for nurses to E-refills patient prescriptions. This allows refills to be done faster and more efficiently with all patient information available.

  • Dr Douglas Haas commented  · 

    Pharmacy refill requests are listed in tasks. It is very easy to go through and approve these Rx. I know you cannot have a nurse send in Rx, but could they at least PREPARE refill requests that would populate the same list in TASKS menu? Then all called in refill requests could be approved or edited much easier.

  • Dr Karen Shimotsu commented  · 

    Please set up the e-prescribing to allow medical assistants to do refills. It is too time-consuming for a family physician in a private practice to be doing all the EMR info including the refills.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    New to this EMR program and for the most part, have found it easy to navigate--HOWEVER, after only 1 days use, it became apparent that there is a major deficit in terms of printing prescriptions or e-scribing delegation; as a provider, I am having to do ALL prescriptions which are to be e-scribed instead of delegating this task to the MA or nurse, etc. In addition, 99 % of my prescriptions issued must be written because they are controlled narcotics--I have worked extensively with other EMR's and the clinician has always been able to delegate the task--ultimately, I, as the clinician, am responsible for the rx, but the current system is flawed if we have no way for the support staff to assist in this task--PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING IN A PROVIDER DELEGATE WHO CAN ASSIST IN PREPARING RX's WHICH MUST BE PRINTED AND ALLOW THE PROVIDER TO DELEGATE E-scribing!!!!! Thanks.

  • Mrs Debi Phillips commented  · 

    We would like the capability for our Mid Levels to be able to print prescriptions in the M.D.'s name, when it is an RX that they can't prescribe. also, allow the M.A."s to do so on behalf of the Providert

  • Amanda commented  · 

    It takes way too much time to print an rx, fill in the provider's DEA, NPI, and License #, then sign on their behalf or stamp. Please change this ASAP so others in the practice (MA's, RN's, etc.) can send on their presriber's behalf.

  • Lisa commented  · 

    This will help speed up the patient's visit.

  • Ms Juliet Darnell commented  · 

    Please add ASAP!! Even though we are a small practice, we have a large volume and only one provider. The way it is now it is messing up the workflow. Can't stress enough how important this would be for us.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be great if the refill or eRx was approved by........on behalf of......provider name and credentials...

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