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Delegating e-prescribing ability to practice staff

Staff, other than prescribers (i.e. MAs and nurses) need to be able to send e-prescriptions in the physician's name.

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please add this is greatly needed for time and workflow of the practice. The nurse staff are constantly in need of the ability to do this through PF. This EMR is great! but definitely need to be able to do this.

  • Paul Sorell commented  · 

    While it is NOT legal for any individual other than the licensed practitioner to actually sign (and hence send an eRX, just as they would a handwritten Rx), the ability for ancillary medical staff to be able to so-called "set-up" Rx's, that could be then listed in the practitioner's tasks list to be completed (i.e. signed and eSent) IS A VITAL FEATURE that should be implemented IMMEDIATELY! This is especially true when it comes to the very burdensome process of prescribing controlled meds which cannot be simply refilled from month-to-month. Keep the process legal, but PLEASE, PLEASE help make this whole process of eRx'ing, especially EPCS, that much more efficient for the already over-tasked clinician. Thank You.

  • Amanda J commented  · 

    Please add this feature!!!! It is so greatly needed. Right now I have to manually print every rx to be sent out, write in NPI/DEA/License numbers, and the providers name. So time consuming for such an efficient, online, EMR!!

  • Mrs Niki VanKoughnett commented  · 

    Please do this ASAP. We are a small practice with a LARGE volume and our physician needs to be able to delegate this to the nurses and ma's with his supervision.

  • Gerald Zelikovsky, MD commented  · 

    I agree, it would be of great help to have Nurses and MAs set up the eRx order info and then send it as a task to the physician to review sign, and approve (for routine Rx and EPCS). This would help me a great deal and save me so much time.

  • Ms Jeannie Polacco commented  · 

    i UNDERSTAND THE NEED for only physicians to sign the prescription, but we NEED staff to input the prescription for the doctor to review and send. If we can get the ERX program to that point (with the scripts "waiting" for the doctor to verify) it would be very beneficial to our work flow.

  • Dr Diane Neddenriep commented  · 

    My partner and I need to be able to authorize each others Rx refill requests.

  • Dr William Hurtado commented  · 

    at least able to do it under your name and you sign it or e prescribe it

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Definitely a needed feature.

  • Maya commented  · 


  • yesenia commented  · 

    pf should enable a feature where we could delete a refill request from an inactive provider. If you have had a provider working for you and then leaves and her account is inactive the refill request is just going to sit there in your tasks and take up room...

  • Lisa commented  · 

    Really need this feature ASAP! Including the ability for staff to create a new prescription for the doctor to sign electronically. Thank you!

  • Charles H. Raine, III, M.D. commented  · 

    Nurses and MAs regularly send refill prescriptions by fax, I would nor have a problem you had a single check mark indicating physician approval. if you do, suggest you allow all check marks, then save. One of the problems now is that each prescription form is individually saved. This makes for a very time consuming process

  • Ms Lori Whiteside commented  · 

    it would be great to be able to select the requested medications a patient is requesting, then send the "encounter"/ "soap note" to the doctor to eliminate steps for them!!
    In other words, set up the Dr like a e-request...

  • Dr Karen Shimotsu commented  · 

    I also agree that medical assistants should be allowed to do at least refills through e-prescriptions. I will not use Practice Fusion's e-rx until this is possible. Right now we are using another service which allows us to do that in my practice.

  • Sandy commented  · 

    Still looking for nurses to be able to request refills of meds that do not need any changes....this would help our physicians so much!

  • Melva Scott commented  · 

    Doctors need to delegate this to MAs within their practice, especially if the doctor is a surgeon.

  • Dr Jessica Bonnett commented  · 

    It would be great if I could send a prescription from another providers refill list. It takes a lot of time to re-prescribe every medication when somebody is gone, and then the refills come to me.
    In our old system we logged in as ourselves and then sent the medication under the original providers name but it saved in the system who it was processed by.

  • Deanna Synnett commented  · 

    YES! my doctor wants me to be able to do this for him

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