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Delegating e-prescribing ability to practice staff

Staff, other than prescribers (i.e. MAs and nurses) need to be able to send e-prescriptions in the physician's name.

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When a prescriber is unavailable, we cannot refill their patient's prescriptions. Other EMR's have this function, and I'm very surprised to find that PF does not.

  • Dr Janet Schaffel commented  · 

    At least let covering physicians approve refills for mutual patients!!

  • Janet Schaffel commented  · 

    System does not allow me to approve a refill request from a pharmacy where my partner was the original prescriber. (Ex: Today I could not approve a refill of prenatal vitamins my vacationing partner originally ordered)

  • Tami commented  · 

    This is a must! Hurry!!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes please! We need this for our MAs and Nurses to be able to okay or deny refills, to make it easier on the DR.

  • ashley kwan commented  · 


  • Alyssa Purrott commented  · 

    This would be a huge time saver!!! and great for Meaningful Use. Yes Yes Yes!

  • Glaucoma Doc commented  · 

    Agreed. At least they should have the ability to create the prescription for the doctor to sign.

  • Bonnie commented  · 

    Yes...please allow MAs and nurses to be able to send e-prescriptions electronically to pharmacies. Or allow us to create them and send to the doctor to sign and send.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Currently the refill requests from pharmacy do show up in all providers' log in but only the MD who prescribed originally can authorize the refill. All providers in the group should be able to authorize the refills.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be very helpful to be able to reassign an e-prescription request to another prescriber in the office (MD, NP)

  • William Sorrels commented  · 

    Mr. Douglass,

    I have been trying to deal with this issue since day 1 on Escripts.
    I do have what I believe is a very important issue with the issue of delegating practice staff for Escipting
    I believe there should be at least two (2) levels of delegation:
    a) Refill okay and denials without any authority to change the Rx in any manner
    b) Refill okay with changes to the sig, quantity, type (tablet, capsule, ml, etc), and number of refills.

    In addition if we could have a different field created in the PF record for Rx's refills which needed to be ''telephoned'' or ''faxed'' into the pharmacy due to special circumstance such pharmacy not on the data base, or provider is in an area without internet access and needed to ''call in'' the Rx.'

    W Sorrels, DO, FAAP, ACP, BPharm

  • Dr Terence Tan commented  · 

    Absolutely yes.Plus be able to delegate chart noting to NP.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I vote yes for this product idea

  • Dr Robert Delapenha commented  · 

    We currently have more than one prescriber in our office approved for e-prescribing. Sometimes the patients primary provider is not available and another prescriber will authorize refills (fax or e-fills). The pharmacies tend to send further refill requests to the last refiller, not the primary or main provider. It is useful for the primary provider to know when refill requests come in in case medications have been discontinued or dosings changed. The system should allow the non -primary prescriber to reassign the refill request to the primary provider, who could then approve or disapprove the refill. Currently it will not allow this to happen.

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