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Add a field for preferred names, nicknames, prefixes, and suffixes

It is absolutely necessary to have a field outside of the legal name fields for preferred names, prefixes, and suffixes. We have many patients in our office who go by a name other than the one that appears on their insurance cards. We also have plenty of doctor patients in our office and it would be nice to note that without having to add "Dr." to their first name field or "MD" or "PhD" to their last name field! Or even for clergy! I don't want to add "Father" or "Sister" or "Reverend" to their first names because that prevents their labs from being assigned to their charts appropriately, but it's nice to have those titles in their charts so the front desk knows the proper way to address them. Practice Fusion, please make this simple fix!

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Sarah O. shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Partially Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hi everyone,

Good news! As of 9/28/17 you can now add a prefix and/or suffix to the patient Profile page.

We will keep this feature request as partially resolved as we have not yet implemented the ability to search for patients by preferred name.


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  • Mrs Jessica Whelan commented  · 

    Please make the preferred name show across the top bar. I work in an LGBTQ friendly office and patients are always being mis-gendered!!!

  • Erica Cunningham commented  · 

    Please make the pt's full name able to view in the top of the chart no matter what page you are on. Because of this it's also not viewable when uploading documents to the patient's chart. It doesn't show whether the pt is a Jr or Sr unless you open up the profile. Please fix this!

  • Dontstopkeepmoving commented  · 

    Preferred name is really of no use unless it shows up in the blue header in the patient file.

  • Ms Deirdre Sulka-Meister commented  · 

    Please make the preferred name show up in all chart fields, not just the profile where we do not always look when seeing a pt. In quotes before full name would be good.

  • Ms Annette Del Valle commented  · 

    place Mr., Mrs., or Dr. We have several patients that are MD's or male patients with female names.

  • Ejiro Isiorho commented  · 

    Can the patient's preferred name be populated on each encounter so that we do not have to go back to the profile page to see it?

  • Ms Christy A Baker commented  · 

    The preferred name should show up in patients appointments. I do not look at patient profile before calling them back to a room.

  • Ms Susan Roberts commented  · 

    Can the patient's preferred name be populated on each encounter so that we do not have to go back to the profile page to see it?

  • Ms Cordelia Murphy commented  · 

    Patients preferred name should be displayed alongside or under a patient's legal name.

    Right now we have to manually look up or remember if a patient uses a different name - hard to do when you're seeing a lot a patients.

  • Dontstopkeepmoving commented  · 

    Preferred name does not show up in chart note header where it could be useful.

  • Dr William Henderson commented  · 

    On the patient list page there should be a column after first name that indicates the patients "preferred name" and a column after the last name that has a highlighted text of "watch name" or "watch 2" for patients that have the same name

  • Dr Peter Lehmann commented  · 

    Agree with others that "preferred name" is buried in the profile. What is the point of having it in the profile only? You want to see it anywhere you see the patient's name (like in "" or ( ) marks). Patients should not repeatedly be called anything other than there preferred name. It's not common in any practice to open the profile tab for each encounter.

  • Tom commented  · 

    So I am happy that you added a preferred name field; however, I'd like to see action taken by the system where if preferred name is not null, then the first name variable used throughout the system for the chart references the preferred first name. The only spot I would not want the preferred name to show would be when printing the chart. or maybe if you included it on the chart printout show a field that states "preferred name". As a workaround, we have been putting their preferred name in the middle name field and using () around it so we know that is their preferred name

  • Pat M. commented  · 

    The preferred name field should follow the legal name and be present where-ever the legal name goes.

  • Mrs Sana Shariff commented  · 

    Would like to have a filed on the profile page where we can list if the pt. is a JR, DR. , I , II, Iii,

  • Mrs Pam Zaft commented  · 

    Having the preferred name field is great, but it doesnt seem to show that preferred name anywhere except in the profile tab... which kinda defeats the purpose.
    Any chance entering preferred name would allow that to show in the schedule et all?

  • DJ Inouye commented  · 

    It's nice you placed this in profile, but we don't look at profile when they check in. We look at summary. Profile is buried. If you could create a box that would lock it in at the top of thier page, or even somewhere on summary so it is seen.

  • Ms Carri Powell commented  · 

    We have several patients that go by a preferred name, either middle name, nick name or something else. When you do not use the Perenthsis for their nick name, IE "Tanya" for Tatiana, it makes you have to open the entire chart to review prior to their appointment. It should print with their preferred name on the sign in sheet instead of their legal name. If it was on the header, then it would also print on the sign in sheet and the front desk person would know what they prefer to be called.

  • Ms Nycole Gonsalves commented  · 

    The preferred name is there in the profile but if a patient has a preferred name entered the patient still comes up with their given name instead of their preferred name. Need a check box to ensure the preferred name shows up instead of the given name.

  • Cheryl Mazur commented  · 

    It's nice to see this is in progress. I'm glad to know you plan to add this to the search ability it should also show on the schedule and in the blue line above chart notes in the patients chart. It helps to be able to refer to this frequently.

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