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Automatic Refresh of EHR Data

We are always running into problems with staff not remembering to constantly hit refresh. Why is that manual? Can the system "refresh" it self? say every 5 minutes or so?

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Mrs Carolyn Goodwin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Ms Erin Melville commented  · 

    Love the idea. We always have double and triple booking b/c staff forget to refresh.

  • Yevgeniya Kobenko commented  · 

    It would be nice to have the screen auto refresh by itself because it is hard to keep track of the schedule when it doesn't automatically refresh.

  • Ms Brenda LaSane commented  · 

    Please this is a bit of an issue for us many times. This refresh would be so helpful. Thanks

  • Christina commented  · 

    PLEASE implement auto-refresh - we have several clinical staff and multiple practitioners. It is a hassle to have to refresh the schedule manually to see which patient has arrives, is in what room, when new injection patients arrive or who is "seen." This should be a given, a no-brainer. . .

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We are having so many double or triple booked patient because of not have auto refresh, being such a busy office patient are getting really upset having to wait.

  • Dr Andy Bernstein commented  · 

    I'd like my inbox to automatically refresh when I reply to a message. Otherwise the message I replied to is still in my inbox and some of my partners archive the original message, not realizing that they're also archiving their reply. If the inbox automatically refreshed after you reply, it wouldn't be a problem.

  • Mr Charles Kendzierski Jr commented  · 

    We are having problems e-prescribing when the doctor dose not refresh or the system has not updated the info after a refresh for patient addresses, you have to cancel the entire order and start over after going through and checking on the address.

  • Maria Bennecke commented  · 

    This is a must, especially when scheduling to avoid double booking a time slot, which seems to happen quite frequently. There should be a way to have the system alert a user when another user is in the same time slot.

  • Dr Bruce Shulman commented  · 

    I agree with all the scenarios below. We often have 3 people making appointments at the same time. If someone forgets to manually "refresh" after making an appointment, a time slot can get double-booked. Please find a way to make PF autorefresh/autosave at some predetermined interval. This would obviate a lot of confusion in all aspects of the program.

  • Dr Jon Simon commented  · 

    I have not seen many probelms with this. My charting seems to save just fine without having to hit refresh. Can someone from PF chime in and let me know if I am doing something wrong?

  • Ms Carolyn Martin commented  · 

    PLEASE implement this idea. Similar to Googles g mail where the system with automatically refresh every few minutes showing any new changes.
    This would solve so many of the problems we're getting in our clinic.

  • Mr Richard Chen commented  · 

    I have seen the refresh icon appear on some screens, but for ease of use and consistency's sake can we have it everywhere?

  • Dr Wali Gauvin commented  · 

    Perhaps, The "Refresh" button can be placed next to the "Save" button..

    I notice that when I save a chart then refresh the chart the information flows/transfers between my computer and portble devices (ie. iPad) quicker.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Autosave and autorefresh is a must! Please consider this high on your list.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is absolutely imperative! We need ASAP! It is completely unnecessary to manually refresh. This should be automatic!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please come up with a way to refresh our screen on each page. Going back and forth is a big waste of precious time in busy offices. Too many steps.

  • Deborah Seelig commented  · 

    It would be phenomenal to have refresh button located in each window we are working on as a tab on the top, so that the information can be viewed in real time, not just when PF servers refresh at their rate.

    A lot of info gets lost or duplicated, or their is a huge lag time between knowing what one portion of the practice is doing for the pt, because we cannot see what is happening as we post.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    Background Autosave every 60 seconds as in email programs would REALLY help. Keep in mind that every time there is a screen change in PF, such as for Saving, there is a 2 to 10 second disruption of our thought process, and that's when mistakes and omissions occur. Also, I have a scribe, and we both have the patient's chart open during an appointment; she works on the SOAP note while I update Dx, Rx, PMH info, and look at documents, and prescribe. I was VERY happy when it became possible for both of us to be signed in to work on a chart at the same time. But the receptionist currently can't print out the completed plan for the patient at checkout until both of us close the chart in our laptops, so there's a lot of yelling, "I closed" and "Did you close?" between us and reception. Not very professional. I hope that an Autosave feature will enable reception to print the plan even if I'm still working in the chart. I also would love to be able to make revisions to the SOAP note and have them simultaneously appear on the scribe's screen, the way there is "dual mousing" in the troubleshooting sessions with tech support for various programs online. We found that one or the other of us would lose all our input at "Save" if we both worked on the SOAP note, which is why we went to a strict division of labor. Autosave and dual-mouse capability would really help to give us less to do after hours to complete the SOAP notes.

  • Mrs Pam Zaft commented  · 

    we use the new EHR.
    automatic refresh for :
    scheduler (specifically when patients are checked in/out or roomed)
    billing reports

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