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Ideas to improve the Medication List

The medication list is the life blood of my practice. I see you have disabled the list. While I am in the chart note, or any part of the chart for that matter, I would like to drop down the medication list like a shade from the top of the page. It should be a full screen list all the way across. It should include all medications with dates updated and prescribed. I want to have better tracking of medications, which ones were tried, why they didn't work, why they were discontinued, etc. I know the information is available, but I would like to see it instantly while I am talking with the patient without drilling down to each medication.

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Wayne Whitwam shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be nice to have the option not to print the historical medications. I have a lot of patients calling, confused because we list the medication list and they are not long on those medications.

  • Ms Denise Hemphill commented  · 

    I don't like the med list that is in the chart. It is confusing for older people and we don't need all the dates prescriptions were sent to the pharmacy on the list. I have a medication list that I use from my old chart that has (6) columns: Name/Dosage/Quantity/Frequency/Time & Purpose of Medication. I had a column for shape and color but pharmacies change wholesalers way too frequently anymore and that is confusing for the patient. Patients need something that is USABLE for them.....too much information is just confusing.

  • Dr Doreen Karoll commented  · 

    I would love a flow sheet - that lists: the date, the med, the dose, the change I made at that visit and why. Is there a way to do this that I'm unaware of? Looking at each med individually doesn't help.
    Is there a to separate the meds prescribed by me from those (available but also "hide"-able) prescribed by the primary care?

  • Charles Raine commented  · 

    Check marks on medication list to have selected ones added the the PLAN. We used to be able to add all active. now must added individually, slows process considerably.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I frequently prescribe compounded medications. It would be great if your EHR would allow for compounded medications to be written and sent electronically.

  • Dr Tariq Patel commented  · 

    Maybe we should add a note section under medications for preferred pharmacy

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Hello would like to see current medication list be part of signed soap note without having to add it one by one
    Thank You

  • Ramesh Gupta M.D commented  · 

    In my practice I often have to write one and a half of tablet in Sig column

  • Mark Gould, PA-c commented  · 

    Please add an "ADD ANOTHER" button to the Medication entry pop-up so that I don't have to leave the window and then re-enter to add another drug.

  • commented  · 

    It would be nice to have the medication list first line include the number of pills and last refill date. This can only be found now by clicking several times.

    It is less relevant to know the date started.. and even more unnecessary to have the line occupied by "oral capsule" . Looking at the medication list should pull up at a glance when the last script was given because this would help work flow as usually one is trying to determine quickly if a refill is needed.

    Thus the data base with meds listed for scanning should have fields for last Rx date, # pills, and #refills..

  • Heather commented  · 

    We would really like to be able to add to the patient's chart the "Brand" name or the "generic" name of a prescribed drug. Right now, it shows both with the generic name as the "main" drug prescribed with the brand name in parenthesis. There is no option at present to do this and it is very frustrating! If a provider is prescribing a specific drug, that is the one that should show in their medications!

  • Dr Dipti Patel commented  · 

    "add another" option( like in allergies) should be at the bottom of screen .Isee medicare patients with multiple meds and to add each one independantly is very time consuming

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    When a medication prescription ends, for example an antibiotic is only prescribed for one week and when it ends, we mark stop date. Now if I want to give the same antibiotic later on, I first have to find it in the historical meds, then click on restart, then proceed with ordering it. This requires many clicks. If an antibiotic course of one week ends, that just completes the course and not necessarily means that it was stopped. And if I want to give it again I should be able to without going through the process of restarting etc.

  • Dr Mary Casals commented  · 

    1.The changes we make to the medication list entail adding, stopping (thus re-classifying it as an old Rx), changing the dose or type of med, or deleting. If we can do any of these functions with ease at the same time be able to see the historical changes, it would be greatly appreciated.
    2. We are a 2-physician practice and because the nurses do not have the ability to help us with refills, referrals and lab orders, the physicians are significantly slowed down by the loss of ability to work as a team. All these tasks have become physician tasks. We need this changed please, asap!
    3. I agree with the need to detect both generic and brand names in order to avoid duplication.

  • Dr Mary Casals commented  · 

    Need to include the start and stop dates of meds aside from the reason why they were discontinued. The chronology of events is important.

  • Ms Christina MA commented  · 

    You should also be able to e-scribe from this chart w a 1-click option to refill previous meds that are identical to the last fill and send them automatically to the pharmacy that was last used.

  • Dr Richard Randolph commented  · 

    Yes - much needed - please also include a field for external provider so we can distinguish which meds we prescribe at a glance - please also add the current meds as a hard data option under "patient info" (along with allergies), so we can add medicines and allergies into the body of our notes

  • Ms Rita Lease commented  · 

    Separate PRN medications from daily medications and/or allow those of us in specialty areas to have medications we prescribe listed first and medical meds second.

  • alexander falkovsky commented  · 

    Medication list improvements:

    1) ALL Branded meds MUST contain generic name in parenthesis. This would allow non-medically trained secretaries to update and reference the medication list properly. If a patient calls about their clopidogrel (as read from the bottle), the secretary should quickly be able to reference Plavix in the med list.

    2) If all branded medications are listed as generics too, then the system will have no trouble issuing WARNINGS when medication list contains multiple entries of the same medication. For example, if a patient gives the secretary an updated medication list, and she enters Clopidogrel in the chart where Plavix already exists, the system should give a warning, or display a reconciliation pop-up.

    3) Why oh WHY aren't medication dosages a separate and editable feature? Why is it that I need to DISCONTINUE Metoprolol 50mg, then ADD Metoprolol 25 in order to update the dosage, instead of simply clicking the medication and selecting the new dosage from the drop-down menu and pressing update? The system should then AUTOMATICALLY discontinue the former dosage (it should still be viewable on discontinued meds list, especially if previously prescribed) and list the new dosage on the medication list! Isn't that what computers are for, automaticity?

    4) The medication list must accurately reflect SCALED dosages of medication. For example if I start my patient off with 20mg Prednisone, then taper the dose down to 5mg over 10 days, the system MUST provide me with an ADVANCED MEDICATION ORDER screen to record this information! Otherwise, medication list looks like Prednisone 5mg start date xxx end date yyy and one literally has to click the order to see that at first the patient takes 4 pills, then 2, then finally 1. These should be externally visible. What if I send my abstract to another physician? They will be mislead as to what I am doing with the patient.

  • Dr Jon Simon commented  · 

    The most recent refill date would be very helpful. Also being able to easily check quantity and dates of recent prescriptions is a necessity. THanks

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