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Ideas to improve the Medication List

The medication list is the life blood of my practice. I see you have disabled the list. While I am in the chart note, or any part of the chart for that matter, I would like to drop down the medication list like a shade from the top of the page. It should be a full screen list all the way across. It should include all medications with dates updated and prescribed. I want to have better tracking of medications, which ones were tried, why they didn't work, why they were discontinued, etc. I know the information is available, but I would like to see it instantly while I am talking with the patient without drilling down to each medication.

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Wayne Whitwam shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Brittany M commented  · 

    As it is now, it appears that you cannot view the information given in the task section about a medication (pharmacy, prescribed date, last filled date, etc.) once it is added to the chart. Is there a way to change this? What would be the point of adding the medications to the chart if all that important information that the pharmacy sent over is not attached?

  • Kevin J. Rodbell, MD commented  · 

    I wish there were some option for combining/merging duplicate scripts. This would help unclutter meds list, and it would enhance patient safety.

    Case in point: My partner didn't notice I had prescribed albuterol in the past, so she re-prescribed the same exact medication. Now it shows up as two separate prescriptions. It's imperative for us to track how often we prescribed this particular medication, since it's a surrogate marker of asthma control, but now I have open and close two different prescriptions and hold everything in my head, all the while trying not to lose focus on the real task at hand. Takes longer, and creates a liability.

    Devil's in the details, and I know there are some times when it would be appropriate to have two separate listings, but there needs to be a function that allows us to merge duplicates, when appropriate. It's ultimately a patient safety issue.

    The system could also alert us to the existence of a similar (and certainly an identical) prescription. This alert should apply for both active and inactive prescriptions.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Dr Mary Casals commented  · 

    I'd like to be able to see a drop down list of old or discontinued medications.

  • Charles Raine III commented  · 

    Include the last prescription date, prescription amount and number of refills on the medication list within the summary and the print-out of the medication list.

  • Dr Willhelm commented  · 

    It used to be that when a medication list was printed there was the option for including or excluding the comments section. In the new EHR I do not see that option. I find that to be critical information if I am sending a list of patient meds to a consultant. Often times how the patient is taking the medication may differ from the actual sig on the script (e.g. taking 1/2 tab instead of whole tab). I would like for the printed med list to include this information.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    on the medication list i need to have how many tablets of the medication was sent to pharmacy ( example trazadone 50 mg - one to two at bedtime as needed #40) also would like to see refill amounts and name of pharmacy on report.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We would like a way to hide the historical meds when printing out the med sheet. This would save time, paper, and be easier and more clear for our pharmacy when we send them the sheet for a new med or refill.

  • Jennifer Montgomery commented  · 

    I definitely agree with this. This has probably been the biggest thorn in my side. The duplicate prescriptions are very confusing and it's time consuming trying to access the information needed. The ability to delete a medication when it's mistakenly written, even when already recorded in the chart is helpful, instead of having to "discontinue" for some reason.

  • Alvin Murphy Jr commented  · 

    When you look up an old or prior prescription, should be able to see if it was called and to where

  • A Ramji, MD commented  · 

    It is impossible currently to figure what medication was prescribed on what date and quantity by glancing at summary. When someone requests a refill particularly with a controlled medication it is a nightmare to figure out if a new script is warrented. I prescribe stimulants and will print three scripts each with a fill by date a month apart. There is no way to figure out 2 months later as to when the next one is due without opening up each individual script-even then the fill on date is not listed.

  • A Ramji, MD commented  · 

    A way of identifying and separating out medications prescribed by other physicians. Currently notes have medication list implying they are prescribed my me with statement "not prescribed this visit" in the progress note.

  • Toni Sparks commented  · 

    can a readable patient list be printed. many patients, family or care givers need current med lists and the new EHR contains way too much information for what they need. they complain it too confusing

  • perla rosas commented  · 

    It would be helpful to see the the most current prescriptions given to patients from most recent to oldest. We have patients taking medications continuously and that would be helpful to see at the top of the list.

  • Dr Melissa Black commented  · 

    I second the motion to overhaul the medication list. It is the most essential tool of EMR. In geriatrics I may have patients on 15+ medications including OTC. Screen real estate is key - need med list to be a large proportion of screen and in small font, with each med viewable by line including name, dose, route, frequency, indication, date prescribed, and pharmacy to which it was routed, #days disensed and # refills. It should be in single line format and easy to re-order either by date prescribed, name, or indication. Should be able to multi-select several meds -> right click & refill 90days/3ref, 30 days/ 11ref, or 30 days 0 refills in one click. When I open a chart & view the summary, a detailed med list, allergies & list of encounters are the most important items to view.

  • JR commented  · 

    Anonymous wrote: "When I am writing in a chart note the patient mentions that he stopped a medicine. then I have to go out of my note ( under subjective) back to the general note and scroll up to the medications and stop the medication in the drop down menu. Then I have to scroll back to subjective and reopen it to continue my note. Labor intensive." my experience, when I attach the Med list to the "Plan" section of my SOAP note, I can just go to that section ("plan") to add or delete meds. That way I don't have to leave my SOAP note to adjust meds. Has been relatively simple for me.

  • DocMom27 commented  · 

    Agree with the comment on listing the last refill date (as opposed to the first) on the summary.

  • DocMom27 commented  · 

    When I am writing in a chart note the patient mentions that he stopped a medicine. then I have to go out of my note ( under subjective) back to the general note and scroll up to the medications and stop the medication in the drop down menu. Then I have to scroll back to subjective and reopen it to continue my note. Labor intensive.

  • Dr Melissa Black commented  · 

    Yes, after direct fax/ document management, improvement to med list would be #2 on my wish list. It is very important to be able to view a full med list, including the prescription directions and date last prescribed, number of refills and pharmacy in one view. Make refills quick by right click -> refill 30/11 or 30/0 or 90/3 (days supply/refill number) and sign to esend. List should be quickly sortable either by med name or by date last prescribed. Maximum use of screen real estate for this function is key.

  • Hamid Fadavi commented  · 

    At this point at least I need the date of the last medication prescribed available on summary. It only shows when the Rx was started which does not help me if I have a request for refill.

  • Dr Elisabeth Noelke commented  · 

    When showing the Schedule II refill dates, please show the earliest fill date rather than the date the Rx was written. If I write 3 Rx today with a fill date today, 1 month from now and 2 months from now, I need to see the last one so I can decide when to write new prescriptions.

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