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Patient Intake Form Responses Directly into Patient Chart Fields

It would be great if these answers could automatically be connected to the patient's profile or first new patient encounter soap note. If we could have a clickable option where to link it to, this would allow (hopefully?) easy customization for everyone's individual templates.

Also, if all questions/answers could be filled out on one page instead of clicking through different screens it would allow patients to look back and edit previous answers easier and also just look more standardized like other forms online. Also, the way the question is in the top section in the dark blue header away from the answer box looks really weird.


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Ana Jones shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Sherice commented  · 

    Same time consuming issue we are having!! Please fix! :)

  • NP commented  · 

    If new patient intake form questions that we customize can populate into the initial History and Physical, that would be great. Also different intake forms that we can choose to send to new patients would be amazing

  • Mrs Zemelda Carr commented  · 

    It would be great if the information pulls over from patients intake or evaluation. My system is not pulling over places of services, facility, or dates. The constant checking these items is time consuming.

  • Paul commented  · 

    Please make Online Intake forms automatically put information into patient chart in structured form for demomographics,meds,allergy,FH,PMH,SH. This would greatly speed up office workflow. Having non-demographic information in the Subjective section is not as helpful. It would also convince more MD's to start using PF. Thanks.

  • Dr. Jacob B. Goldstein commented  · 

    "There should be different forms for New and Established pts." Yes! Agree! How else can this be a fully functional feature?

  • Mrs Pamela Gutierrez commented  · 

    Have the guarantor information included and automatically update the patient profile from online intake

  • Remi Lai, D.O. commented  · 

    I agree with:

    Lokesh: link to register/fill out forms should be sent out as soon as appointment is made.

    Gentry / Gargiulo: There should be different forms for New and Established pts.

  • Remi Lai, D.O. commented  · 

    I agree. The blue letterbox is just WEIRD to place a question. It's a lot more normal and functional to have answers appear right after a question - in the SAME space.

  • Akbar Pathan commented  · 

    THANKS MUCH PF. ICD -10 codes search worked from day one!

    Any possibility in future to set Red Flags for Non Paying patients? Also adding a small interactive window to input payment made and balance due showing will be great!

    Recently added eligibility check is a great help however there is a need to make it more real time as information is lagging payers database.

  • Dr Gary Donaldson commented  · 

    Having patient demographics entered into the record prior to the visit would save a lot of time.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Have the option to choose where the intake form information populates in the patient's chart.

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    Our practice has a lot of Medicare patients who are elderly and not very comfortable or even computer literate and cannot do this without some help and lot of them don't even want to create or have to deal with emails. It would be very good if our office staff could help them along with this process when they arrive for their appointment. Please implement this. This is extremely important and I am sure a lot of PCPs serving medicare patients will agree.

  • Dr Eiyass Albeiruti commented  · 

    If this can be beefed up, this could be ENORMOUSLY helpful. Might even make me look forward to charting! No need to have to reenter data these days when most patients are perfectly able to do so themselves.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would save a lot of time if the patient's complete intake form could be directly sent by a link to the patient to be filled any time at home from his computer or tablet or at least to be filled by the patient himself in a provided computer ot tablet on his arrival at the office so that this information directly populates in his chart without needing an office staff member having to do it.

  • David commented  · 

    Fields are missing from the template, making integration with the EHR seemingly impossible, and making creation of templates for intake nearly worthless. The intake need include all fields that an office admin would enter (including the options) when creating a patient, otherwise integration is not actually occurring, and paperwork is still (un)necessary.

    Examples include:
    Date of Death
    Social Security Number
    Next of Kin (Emergency Contact is offered, but it is not clear if this is meant to be the next of kin information; they may be very different to the patient)
    Preferred method of being contacted

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    Being able to input or check something ONCE and have it automatically show up EVERYWHERE the information is required (Profile, PMH, FHX, MU, PQRS, Referrals, lab requests, etc.) is the most fervently wished for function of EHR. I hope that's what you mean by "structured."

    Importing the patient's own words into the Subjective section may not be as useful as it sounds. It can be too long and not have the info I need. I can't envision a check box form that would cover ALL the problems seen in an Internal Medicine practice. Some very specific problems could have a questionnaire, like URI, UTI, chest pain, abdominal pain, headache. But my MA elicits and enters in the CC the info she knows I always want for those problems, faster than a patient with an iPad could.
    Structuring intake answers into Subjective could result in these horrible notes I get from a local Urologist:

    "The patient does have pain. The location of the pain is suprapubic. The time since onset of the pain is 3 weeks. The pattern of the pain is intermittent. The pain has a duration of 1 to 2 hours. The frequency of the pain is 2-5 times per day. The quality of the pain is dull. The intensity of the pain is 4/10. The relieving factors are none. The worsening factors are none. The number of times nightly for urination is 3. The patient is not having incontinence. The patient is not having decreased force of stream."

    What I write (or teach my scribe to write) in the S section, covers it like this:

    "Suprapubic dull 4/10 pain, intermittent, 2-5 times/day for 3 weeks, lasts 1-2 hours. No alleviating or exacerbating factors.
    Nocturia x 3; no incontinence or decreased force of stream."

    Same info without the torture of form-speak.
    Thinking an intake form will help doctors remember to cover all the necessary information also misses the mark; after about the first 2 years of asking the same questions in the same order for the same problems we pretty much have it down.

  • William Gentry commented  · 

    We should be able to have two templates, a new patient template and and an existing patient update template, or if you stick with one template, auto populate with existing information for existing patients so they do not have to needlessly fill out redundant information.

  • Dr Paul Gargiulo commented  · 

    The Patient intake forms would be more useful if there was someway to ensure that different types of the forms could be assigned to the patient based on either the appointment type or individually assigned.


  • Hi Danielle--the feature you're requesting probably deserves its own idea, so feel free to submit it separately:

    Pieces of your idea are being discussed in a few places already as well:

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