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Mark patient appointment as confirmed

A status option of confirmed would be nice to note when pt. have been called to remind of appointments. Could note confirmed status for after patient is contacted

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Joanna shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Thank you! This is a good feature.

  • DANIELLE commented  · 

    Full Control. It would also be great if confirming the appt this way would TAKE THE PLACE of going into each patient chart to Record Patient Reminder before each appt. It would eliminate a step, which helps a lot in a busy office.

  • Thuy-Vi Vo commented  · 

    On the confirmation view, it would be nice to be able to see the phone numbers for the patients so we don't have to print or switch from phone view back to confirmation view.

  • lizguzman2011 commented  · 


  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    Currently, our office uses both the automated email feature through PF, but for those without email or who would prefer phone calls, we're calling them for appointment reminders.
    Obviously, for those patients for whom email was sent, it would be nice to have an automated (email sent) type notification. And for those that we call, it would be nice to have a drop down/check box system that indicates no answer, left message, patient notified.
    In other EMR systems I've used, the appointment on the calendar changes color: white for scheduled but not confirmed(pending) , yellow for confirmed, dark green for cancelled, and light blue for arrived/checked in, lavendar for seen/checked out. That system had a built in automated calling system, so it made these changes intrinsically (aside from the arrived status, obviously).
    My observation of the schedule is that it just doesn't take advantage of color choices. Right now an appointment on my schedule viewed in the day or week view is just green. There is no differentiation for type of appointment (despite being able to choose/assign different colors for different appointment types in the set up), and there is no color differentiation for appointment status. It's disappointing that such a simple, but powerful option isn't being used better. Being able to check at a glance on my schedule which patients are confirmed helps me to predict my schedule (it gives me a sense of who is most likely no show). Being able to check at a glance what type of appointments I have scheduled also helps me plan my day and my pace.
    While I understand that looking at the "week" view of the calendar should really be as simple as only using the providers' colors for appointments, once you get down into the "day" view, each provider has their own schedule listed, so that differentiation is no longer needed, and it would be nice to see specific appointment types delineated by color (it could be as simple as adding a colored bar across the top of the appointment box).

  • Dr Gary Weiner commented  · 

    Must be able to call the patient to confirm appointment day prior and mark it! This is essential. Not every patient confirms by email, and not all patients are appropriate for patient fusion. Please allow this flexibility. It's so easy to do! Just create another status marker. Or have a modular marker that the office can manipulate and name as they see fit. thank you.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like control as well as patients having a way to confirm after receipt of the reminder emails/texts. Is that possible?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    YES, please create a confirmed appointment change, so we can keep track of whom we have called to confirm. Is it available?

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    want a spot for staff to confirm they personally have LM (left message) or confirmed (directly with patient) or NA (no answer) or e-confirm (patient electronically confirmed) or other. Each "level" of confirmation has a different level of reliability.

  • Janet Schaffel commented  · 

    Full control but at very least we should be able to see if they received the email reminder

  • Dr Otto Liao commented  · 

    It would be nice to have a check off box on the scheduler pop up that shows an appt is confirmed

  • Ms Briana Hall commented  · 

    Both! It would be great if we could control the confirmations, as well as have the patients have the ability to confirm via text.

  • Mrs Carolyn Goodwin commented  · 

    Both options would be good. We call patients the day before and to be able to list appointments as confirmed, No answer or left message would be great. It would also save us a phone call if the patients were able to confirm online in Patient Fusion.

  • DG commented  · 

    Is there way to have the patient CONFIRM the emailed appointment, without having them sign in or create a profile?

    Confirmations should show up on our Calendar so we KNOW they have confirmed.

  • Brandon commented  · 

    Full Control!!! How do we do this?

  • Ms Nycole Gonsalves commented  · 

    Practice have full control over and it would also be nice to allow the patients an option to text back or email back that they are confirmed and it shows up on our schedule.

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