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Mark patient appointment as confirmed

A status option of confirmed would be nice to note when pt. have been called to remind of appointments. Could note confirmed status for after patient is contacted

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Joanna shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Ms Rebekah Nelson commented  · 

    Both, Matthew!
    Is this something you would like to have full control over entering after you call the patient directly from your practice? Or is it something that the patient can confirm electronically, either via Patient Fusion or by responding to a text message?

  • Taryn commented  · 

    Would be nice to be able to enter 'Confirmed', 'No Answer', 'Left Message' after calling the patient to remind them of their appointment. Would rather not give them multiple reminders. We already have patients complaining that they got an automated phone call and an e-mail and our phone call. So maybe get rid of the automated phone call or at least give the option to NOT use it.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    It would seem that if the patient is using the patient portal and receives the notification by the EHR 3 days in advance of the appointment, the notification could offer confirmation options: confirmed, cancel, need to reschedule. The result could show in the schedule as well as the patient's created SOAP note. Please advise.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We would like to be able to enter after we call someone that they were notified of their appointment.

  • Lisa Tarr commented  · 

    I agree that it would indeed be helpful to have the option of how it was confirmed and whether or not a message had been left. Maybe have confirmed listed as an initial option, then have further drop downs from there for how it was confirmed. Wish this was available now!

  • Judith Sweat commented  · 

    This is a great idea. I was going to send the same request in as well. Would be so helpful.

  • Dr Karen Abrams commented  · 

    would like it to be automatically updated through patient fusion reminder if they confirm.

  • Mrs Susan Wells commented  · 

    Full control, also ability to write of there was not answer or left message

  • rHONDA jORDAN commented  · 

    I'd like to have full control. I have a mostly Medicare facility where my patient are elderly and don't get text or email

  • Lorraine commented  · 

    Both would be great, also boxes for left message or no answer

  • Joanna commented  · 

    Would like pt to be able to confirm online or through text message and automatically update in PF when schedule updates. Any pt that is not confirmed may then be confirmed by staff

  • Carrie Swartz commented  · 

    would definitely like patients to be able to confirm online when they get their reminders and have that show up and anyone who didn't confirm the staff can call and have a spot to mark left message, confirmed, no answer, etc. right now patients are telling us they confirmed online but not sure if they mean they saw their reminder or are actually getting a request to confirm??

  • Stephanie commented  · 

    It would be most helpful if there was a box that we could manually check if a patient confirms an appointment over the phone with us in the office and if it can be automatically checked if the patient confirms via PF or responding to email or text message.

  • donna commented  · 

    an electronic confirmation would be best....but since we can't activate our patient portal because of ex-providers showing up in the scheduler, that isn't an option for us. Any way to "confirm" would be helpful. thanks!

  • Morgan Russell commented  · 

    Great idea! Would love to have a "left message" "no answer" or "confirmed option. Our Doctor likes to know if they were called if they do not make it to there appointment and this would make it very visible!

  • Ms Denise Heavener commented  · 

    It would be nice if we can click a confirm button and then be able to select whether confirmed or if had to leave a voice mail, etc.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Having the choice to pick one or the other or both.

  • Ms Cheryl Trone commented  · 

    We want to be able to mark it ourselves. We have to call all patients as they each have different things we need to tell them to bring depending on their visit. Thank you!

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