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Include "past medical history" in the clinical document export

Currently there is no way to share the patient's "past medical history" field with another provider. Neither the referral feature, nor the "clinical document" feature allow for inclusion of this field. Can this be rectified?

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Alek shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Tom Carroll commented  · 

    Love the idea. Would also be nice to include a patient's preferred pharmacy as an option.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    A complete record must include PMH data, including items PF places in PMH section: "major events", "ongoing medical problems", "allergies", "family health history", and "social history". All these items are required for E&M documentation, and are part of the basic patient chart.

    PF does not provide a way to include this data to send with a referral, or add to a "clinical document", or "referral document"

    The only 'work arounds' currently are 1. manually print and fax paper, 2. manually "print" the file to a PDF and attach this file manually to a referral document. or 3. manually copy and paste PMH data into the "S" section of a SOAP note. It can be done, but very time consuming.

    Please add the option to include PMH in "referral", "clinical document" and "referral document", just as it is an option for "print".

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The PMH section also includes "preventive Health" which I would like to be able to print as a document but not able.

  • Deb Martin commented  · 

    When I print a patient med list, the historical meds print also. I would like the option of not printing these. All that information is not alway needed.

  • Dr Arqam Zia commented  · 

    I am specialist and has to send my notes after each consultation visit, to referring provider.

    when I send my notes they look very scant and odd without Family history, Past medical History and Social history

    all these are very essential items ( of a good note) this been taught in all medical schools, having not these in the note look our notes inferior.

    also from coding perspective- FH, PMH , etc all be included in a note

    I suggest that they automatically appear at "end" of Subjective part ( of SOAP section)

    i hope this issue is solved on urgent basis

    Dr Zia Endocrinologist

  • Dr SUNIL REDDY commented  · 

    On the same line, whatever I enter in the PMH for Meaningful Use does not populate into the patient's notes. So I have to enter this information twice. Any plans to fix this?

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    We also need the past medical history to be an option to include when we send a referral.

  • Alek commented  · 

    If we can attach pretty much everything else in the patient's chart to a "clinical document" (aside from documents), it simply makes no sense that we can not attach the "Past Medical History" as well, it being one of the most important parts of the patient's medical record...

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    I write the entire Past Medical History in the top field of the PMH tab. I have a template on a Word document providing the format of a standard H&P dictation, that my medical assistant copies and pastes into the top field of the PMH section for each new patient. She fills in the answers from the New Patient Health Information form that each new patient fills out with for all information needed for the H&P sections (Medical, Medications, Allergies,Surgical, GYN, Social Hx, Family Hx, etc.) and also asks for former doctors (to order records) and last preventive care dates. When I'm sending a referral, doing a pre-op, or sending a patient to the ER, I Select All (control+A) in that field, copy it (Control+C), and paste it (Control+V) into the S section of the pre-op note or into the top field of the Referral screen, to send to whoever needs it.That's how I share PMH. I also have templates for flow charts for the PMH section for diabetes, thyroid, renal, liver, Lipids or any other data I'm tracking, with a column for the tests and a column for each date with the values for each test typed in under that date. No grid lines, unfortunately, but it's pretty easy access to the data and in the "old" EHR I can see it while charting, from the PMH button preview function.

  • Douglas Lieberman commented  · 

    yeah, i agree, this would be great for cms documentation needs

  • Dr Craig Ross commented  · 

    Work around for now - I add the PMH to the Subjective if I know during the visit that I'll be sending a referral.

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