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Color Coding for Block Times

Please bring back color coding for block times to the new EHR. Since PF doesn't allow scheduling at multiple offices, we use this to distinguish when each provider will be at which office location and prevent our patients from scheduling time slots incorrectly through Patient Fusion.

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Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Maria Bennecke commented  · 

    We needed the color coded blocks-we should not have to hover over a block to see who is blocked. This usually doesn't work anyway. Please, Please bring back the color blocks to make our lives easier.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    yes, please bring back color coding for block time. We use it for vacations, days off Dr. out of office. It was a great feature.


  • Mrs Catherine Wheatley commented  · 

    I've commented on this before, but at this point I am BEGGING you to please bring back the color shading for block times. We have made so many mistakes with scheduling due to providers overlooking the multitude of grey blocks. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!

  • Mrs Catherine Wheatley commented  · 

    PLEASE put this back the way it used to be with the blocks being the same color as the provider but shaded. Especially as we get into vacation season, it is so difficult to tell who is doing what with all the grey blocks.

  • Mrs Jodi Bezack commented  · 

    I know there are other suggestions for the schedule blocks but we would like to have the ability to change the colors of the schedule blocks since we put blocks in for different reasons (i.e. if we have a lunch vs. a meeting).

  • Ms Linda Hicks commented  · 

    We have two techs and sometimes they are are out for various reasons, a different colored blocked note would alert anyone
    scheduling not to overbook.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Note to Ms Rose Glover, I've noticed that the mouse-over pop-up only works on non-recurring block times. Recurring block times are missing that mouse-over functionality.

  • Ms Rose Glover commented  · 

    Yes! Please bring this feature back since sometimes hovering over the block time doesn't always show who it is so we still have to open the block time. Having the blocks a different color will help significantly and save some steps when making appointments.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    All of this gray is confusing for us. I block times for same day appts. Now it appears the same as lunch meetings, when I'm at another facility. This is so not helpful. Some flexibility is greatly desired.

  • Kathryn Korch commented  · 

    i agree having the block time as grey is not easy to use

  • AMBER NOPEN commented  · 

    Definitely want this feature back! It's difficult to tell who is out when all blocked personnel show up in grey.

  • Dana Evans commented  · 

    when putting a block in for someone in the past it would color code corresponding with that certain person we were blocking for. Now block are only grey regardless of who the block is in for. It makes it really difficult at a quick glance to see who is not going to be here that day when looking at the weekly view (which is used 100% of the time when scheduling appointments)

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    It seems that this helpful feature existed previously and has been removed. PLEASE bring it back, as scheduling is best when several cues can be easily seen. Like, when adding an all day "out of office" block to an already complicated day being RED so that it visually "overrides" the existing template blocked out times.

  • Mrs Catherine Wheatley commented  · 

    This has caused so many issues with our schedule, I'm willing to beg at this point. Please bring back the colored blocks. The darker color with the slight line through it worked great. We could easily tell who the block went to, but it was obvious that it wasn't an appointment. As we are coming up on conference and vacation season, my schedule is a sea of grey lines and we are constantly making scheduling errors leading to angry patients and staff.

  • Debra Charles commented  · 

    When we block times on the schedule it is grey and no way to change it. If it is for one Dr. it can be the color of that Dr. on the schedule and if it is for the practice we would like the ability to change that color - it attracts the eye and you can't help but look at it!

  • Jaylene Welch commented  · 

    Previously when a block time was entered for any particular user it would show up in that users color. With the last upgrade that feature disappeared and now all blocktimes show up as grey no matter who the block time is for. They do no always stand out as being a block for any particular person and get missed as they look like the block time we have for the lunch hour every day. Allowing each user to have a personal color to their block time will alleviate accidental scheduling of users who are not planning on being here

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This needs to be brought back a.s.a.p. We have several providers and we need to easily be able to tell is they are blocked out so we don't accidentilly schedule patients.

  • E Sean Meyer commented  · 

    Gray blocked time creates the time consuming obstacle of clicking on it each time to see which provider is blocked. It is also is easy to miss a gray block, which has caused problems with scheduling events when time was blocked. Returning to one color per provider for all scheduling is helpful, efficient, and less confusing than the current two color system (single- provider color PLUS all-provider gray). Your attention would be most appreciated. Thank you-

  • Ms Mavis Peng commented  · 

    Blocking off the doctor's schedule for the day with red lines (start and finish) This color coding would help preventing incorrect scheduling and is easy to see at a glance.

  • Sharon Webster commented  · 

    Please make the blocked time the same color as the appointments for a provider. We have multiple providers and if more than one has a meeting at the same time we may miss who if gone and schedule and I have had a provider miss a meeting since they didn't think it was their blocked time.

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