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Displaying SIG on summary page

The "sig" for each medicine needs to be on the summary page as well as the last RF.

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Geoff shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

Can you define “RF” for the rest of this thread so they know what you’re referring to?


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  • Dr Jon Simon commented  · 

    I agree that this is a good idea, but since computer screen real estate is at a premium, a good work-around is to click on the print button by medications; this brings up print preview which has the full SIG. You don't actually have to print it.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Hi. The Patient Summary medication list does NOT show how many times a day the medication is taken - this creates great confusion at times and can lead to medical errors. Please add the number of times a day that the medication is taken when looking at the patient summary.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    I also find it difficult to see which medications need refills when I'm with a patient, because the list no longer has sig and past refill information listed. Currently I have to click on each medication. Then I have to remember which ones I already clicked on and/or refilled. I think this is another limitation of the 3-column format, that would be solved by using full-width blocks for each section on the Summary page. The "Go to..." menu would still work, and it would be easier for users to learn the order of the blocks, to scroll down more efficiently. You could put a color coded header and border on each section to make navigation even easier. But the information we need to see at a glance for the Medications, and for the other sections, goes better full width, ruled, without white space. True, narrower columns are quicker to scan. But you could accomplish the same thing by lightly shading alternate rows, and also by shading or bold facing each row as the cursor rolls over it. Information becomes exponentially less useful with each added click required to access it.

  • Dr Dawn Whelchel commented  · 

    Please add the 'SIG' of the medication to the medications list on the summary page since there is no Master med list elsewhere unless you print the med list

  • Dr Dawn Whelchel commented  · 

    The reason that this is important is because there is no other place the master med list is shown and if a patient calls but is not present for a visit (encounter), there is no easy way to find the directions for the medication, other than printing the med list.

  • Sherrell Campbell commented  · 

    From the med Iist, I need to be able to see the last time the Rx was written, as well as the sig.
    Number of tablets, tells me the dose, which is imperative to see when I am talking with the pt, not just when I click on to prescribe a med

  • Geoff commented  · 

    sig= directions for medicine use
    RF= refill
    IE: on the "summary" page medicines need directions as well as the last refill. Also, medicines needs to be on the "encounter" page too

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