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Alerts regarding patient on scheduler or intake

have a field that office can input patient specific alerts pertaining to Billing (like balance due or account in collections) or Appointment Scheduling (like patient discharged, do not schedule) etc.
This would be incredibly helpful to scheduling staff to have alert box pop up that indicates this type of information. This way, staff can address when client is on the phone setting up an appointment.
Thank you

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Mrs Pam Zaft shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

You asked and we listened: Use Pinned notes to manage non-clinical reminders
Practice Fusion continues to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and enhanced workflows. With Practice Fusion’s Pinned Note feature, we have made it easier for practice staff to quickly view pertinent custom details about patients before they are scheduled, before check in, or during a patient visit. A Pinned Note is the ideal place to record non-clinical information specific to an individual patient, where you can have important information readily available. Thanks you to everyone who voted and helped make the Practice Fusion EHR better for everyone.


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  • Denise commented  · 

    Half the time our staff does not notice the "pin" so it is not helpful. Prior EHR we had would open a pop up as soon as we opened the chart so that every time anyone accessed the chart the pop up would open forcing you to see the free text message that's placed in the alert. We would be able to set a specific date range or select "no end date" so that it would never stop popping up unless we actually deleted the alert. Something like that would be more helpful

  • Dr Greg Burkland commented  · 

    The tiny little red dot next to the pin is not noticeable enough to alert a user of the ehr. Alerts will be too easily missed.

  • Dr Chris Pate commented  · 

    Appreciate the option, but when creating the note the author needs to have the ability to have the note appear when a chart is pulled or an attempt to schedule the patient, that the user has to acknowledge before going any further. In other words, the note has to be seen if the author sets as an interruption. In the current form, there is a possibility the note may not be seen or viewed.

  • Mr George Santiago commented  · 

    This a great idea, but only one pinned note allowed at the same time makes it a very poor feature. Multiple notes should be allowed at the same time.

  • Lisa Anthony commented  · 

    This is great! Thank you! Very helpful!

  • Amee Saxton commented  · 

    This is something that would be very helpful. For billing, health issues, conflicts, etc. PLEASE!

  • Ms Sharon Mulloy commented  · 

    Having worked other places, I understand the need for this information, but the field, as it has been added, where it shows up and how it needs to be managed are awkward.

  • Ms Clara He commented  · 

    Please add this feature ASAP!!! This is a very important and useful feature!!! Thanks!!!

  • Ms Garima Jain commented  · 

    We need this feature in practice fusion. At present, we have to go to patient's profile and then check if there is an Alert. If the appointment has already been given, the front desk has to make a second call to tell the issue IF they check the profile before the patient comes in. If the alert pops up right as the patient is calling we would be able to take the required action appropriately.

  • Ms Kelly Maffia commented  · 

    In our practice, it would be helpful if there was an alert to notify staff who are scheduling clients if there is an issue or special circumstance to consider when scheduling. For example, a patient might have been closed and will need to be seen for intake before getting scheduled with a provider, or perhaps there is an outstanding bill that needs paid before a person can be scheduled, etc.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We really need this feature. Add this ASAP!!

  • Mary Christman commented  · 

    Please add this feature ASAP as it is desperately necessary, especially in the case of patients with the same name. I have quite a few and this feature would fix the unnecessary confusion. Please keep us/me advised as to the status of this feature.

  • Mr Nilsa C commented  · 

    It is KILLING ME ( and killing many other PF user offices) that we dont have an alert capability after all these years as a user. We need alerts for No longer patient of practice (Dismissed or Transfered out); Do not schedule; Collections; Carries a weapon; Needs interpreter (language or deaf); Brings emotional support pet (dog); Talk to Billing First; NON COMPLIANT. An alert for non compliance will allow my staff to immediately try and talk a patient out of cancelling and upcoming appt, which means better care-lower cost for an entire system. A pet alert, now that many patients are getting their drs to write for emotional support animals, will allow my staff to schedule that pt w their pet around hrs where other severely alllergic and immune-compromised patients are NOT being scheduled. Please help us, loyal users, by implementing ALERTS ( as in pop ups).

  • Peter Castellanos commented  · 

    The Flags/Notes chart section can be used to record patient flags (alerts) or billing notes that will alert the user when a patient's chart is opened. Some examples of flags/notes would be to alert the clinic staff that a patient is not to be scheduled, or also to note that the patient has an overdue balance. Ect. This way you would not have to create a new chart with these instructions that is easily missed.

  • Ms Janice Balgan commented  · 

    This would help so much especially with particular patients...

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Really need to flag patients for the scheduler so we know who to refuse to schedule, past due accounts, DC patients, patients who cannot have refills, etc. This does not seem to be difficult to engineer - just need to have a pop up alerting whoever opens the chart, and we can fill in the warning in a pop up box.

  • Dr Angus Matheson commented  · 

    We would love this for QIP. So if a well child we need calls in, the person who pulls up the chart would be flagged to get them in ASAP. etc.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I also do the billing so it would be great to be able to put an alert in for specific patients who have not paid their balance and have it pop-up if they call to make another appointment

  • Ms Kathy Chaney commented  · 

    Yes please!! add a pop-up alert that can be customized

  • Mrs Megan Wagner commented  · 

    It would be helpful to have this pop-up alert for providers where we would be able to FLAG if they've failed a drug test or have an outstanding issue. This flag would alert staff and clinicians to the same information outside of the "profile" tab, just by clicking on their chart.

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