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Alerts regarding patient on scheduler or intake

have a field that office can input patient specific alerts pertaining to Billing (like balance due or account in collections) or Appointment Scheduling (like patient discharged, do not schedule) etc.
This would be incredibly helpful to scheduling staff to have alert box pop up that indicates this type of information. This way, staff can address when client is on the phone setting up an appointment.
Thank you

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Mrs Pam Zaft shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

You asked and we listened: Use Pinned notes to manage non-clinical reminders
Practice Fusion continues to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and enhanced workflows. With Practice Fusion’s Pinned Note feature, we have made it easier for practice staff to quickly view pertinent custom details about patients before they are scheduled, before check in, or during a patient visit. A Pinned Note is the ideal place to record non-clinical information specific to an individual patient, where you can have important information readily available. Thanks you to everyone who voted and helped make the Practice Fusion EHR better for everyone.


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  • Karen commented  · 

    I like the options Luz Gallardo mentioned on March 30.

  • Milou commented  · 

    LOVE the idea of a free text area. Would be so helpful. Thank you!!

  • Luz Gallardo commented  · 

    I realize we work different than most practices, since we are a free clinic or the community, but it would be wonderful to have alerts such as:
    Patient has medicine to pick up at the clinic
    Registration paperwork is expired
    Must bring income tax returns to expedite medicine applications

    Or have a space where anything can be typed.

  • Donna Striley commented  · 

    I agree...this is an excellent idea.

  • Julissa commented  · 

    Regarding alerts, it would be so great to have that capability in the chart.

  • Ms Kathleen Mancini commented  · 

    The option to note or flag an account due to a change in insurance would be helpful. Especially if we do not accept the new insurance.

    ALSO - For Clinical personnel - flags for diabetic patient and Latex allergy would be very helpful

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    Also some capability to have alerts in tasks at a specified time eg. Call pt. in 1 month to see how they are doing etc. This message/alert should come in as a message or task on a specified date or time period ( 1 week, 1 month etc.). It may even indicate if it is high priority.

  • Beverly M. Calkins, MD commented  · 

    We would like alerts also. We need to be able flag charts for patients with specific needs during exam or changes that need to be handled in the future. Alerts need to be both temporary until an issue is addressed or permanent.

  • martish commented  · 

    Being able to determine visit number; in counseling we like to reassess clients GAF scores after certain number of visits.

  • Micaela commented  · 

    Is there any update on this feature?

  • Cindy Roseberry commented  · 

    pop ups can be used for billing issues, balance due, insurance termed. Patient was discharged, bad phone number or address or even clinical, EKG on arrival.

  • Christi Walter commented  · 

    I would LOVE a pop up for co-pays, & I agree with Carrie's suggestions from 3-6-15. Thanks for listening to us and making changes.

  • Dr Erica Vislobokova commented  · 

    I would love to have a reminder pop up when I open the SOAP note on a follow-up visit. It would be a great way to remind myself of important issues & info related to the patient's treatment that may not be normally documented.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree with everything! As a chiropractor, the current preset alerts don't apply to my practice. Would love to be able to free type multiple things in such as contraindications (not adjusting certain segments due to instability, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), preferred style of adjusting (does not like manual adjusting), etc.

    I would also be interested in having popups time customizable. For example, a pop up on their 10th visit to remind me to schedule a re-exam. Thanks!

  • Cheryl Mazur commented  · 

    Electronic intake forms done alerts! :)

  • Carrie commented  · 

    It would be helpful to be able to just have customizable, general alerts. They could be used for billing, for reminders about patient needs, for all sorts of things. It would be helpful if, once entered, this alert or reminder popped up any time the patient's chart was accessed. Here is a list of alerts I would have liked to enter just today:
    Patient is very hard of hearing. Please schedule for 30 minute appointments.
    Patient prefers to go by "insert nickname".
    Patient may drop by for BP checks per provider.
    Patient has outstanding balance.
    Patient may be scheduled for same day appointment.

    Hope this is helpful! I worked in an EMR that had this feature in the past and it was a God send! We did a work around in the old interface by editing information in their "Basic/Notes" section, but the new interface doesn't allow for anything similar. It would be incredible to have this feature! Thank you!

  • Dr Maryam Boushehri commented  · 

    Alerts for billing and scheduling would be GREATLY appreciated. It may also be good to have them for clinical notes..contraindications for the patient's care or doctor's technique or allergic reactions for example would be helpful as well.

  • MaryLynne commented  · 

    However it is done it needs to be done in a manner that is easily and immediately viewable when the chart is opened. Choosing a specific type of "pop up title" that allows for free type text would allow for individual customization.

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