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Alerts regarding patient on scheduler or intake

have a field that office can input patient specific alerts pertaining to Billing (like balance due or account in collections) or Appointment Scheduling (like patient discharged, do not schedule) etc.
This would be incredibly helpful to scheduling staff to have alert box pop up that indicates this type of information. This way, staff can address when client is on the phone setting up an appointment.
Thank you

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Mrs Pam Zaft shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

You asked and we listened: Use Pinned notes to manage non-clinical reminders
Practice Fusion continues to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and enhanced workflows. With Practice Fusion’s Pinned Note feature, we have made it easier for practice staff to quickly view pertinent custom details about patients before they are scheduled, before check in, or during a patient visit. A Pinned Note is the ideal place to record non-clinical information specific to an individual patient, where you can have important information readily available. Thanks you to everyone who voted and helped make the Practice Fusion EHR better for everyone.


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  • Mrs Susan Wells commented  · 

    We need a pop up box when a patient name is entered so we can put important info needed about that patient i.e. copay infor, communication difficulty, collection issues etc.

  • Mrs Dawn Weaver commented  · 

    A pop-up alert would be awesome to have when scheduling a patient as well as opening up a patient's chart to know if they have been terminated, a balance is owed, there are two patient's by the same name so you make sure you are indeed putting the correct patient on the schedule, if there is a preferred lab they must use for insurance, how many no show or same day cancellation the pt has, etc.... This would be very helpful especially for new hire's in the office as they are not familiar with the patients.

  • Jessica Cortez commented  · 

    Yes, pop up alert is needed with free text for balances, vaccine records needed, up date demographics, and so much more. This will cut back on having to read through the messages.

  • Courtney Surls commented  · 

    We would also like to add in an option for pt alerts. It would be alerts that pop on the pt's chart anytime you access it at first. This would help with consistency for many things nursing and clinical wise, as well as for scheduling and billing/administration reasons.

  • Bharti Dudani commented  · 

    During flu season , alert that flushot was completed, while scheduling the visit

  • Dr Elishia Featherston commented  · 

    Would love to have the ability to flag anyone getting into the chart upon opening it if there is something important to notice. This would be helpful with balances, names that are similar, missing information, or for our transgender population that their preferred name may be different.

  • Ms Annette Del Valle commented  · 

    If a patient has a balance or any other issue that needs to be addressed such as insurance or new demographics and we notate it in the chart. Once we make an appt or open that chart, that would pop up.

  • Dr Nelson Radames Medina Moreno commented  · 


  • Dr Brynna Connor commented  · 

    Definitely would like an option to flag balances etc.!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please do this and don't make it too complex!!! Just give us a blank line that we can put in whatever needs to be known that pops up whenever a patient's record is opened!!!!!!!

  • Maria Mancia commented  · 

    This would be great. Needed very much and soon as well. Would help a lot.

  • Mary Christman commented  · 

    We need a way to flag patient's charts to alert the doctor and/or staff of important information. Please advise if this feature of forthcoming.

  • Ms Christy Garcia commented  · 

    This is a great idea!! Needed very much!!! Please add this feature.

  • Michelle commented  · 

    This feature is needed very much!!!!

  • Mrs Irene Ho commented  · 

    Would be extremely helpful! Please add this feature. Thanks!

  • Kaushal gupta commented  · 

    at least, they can give color option in name field "in profile Tab" to do this job . highly desirable.

  • Mrs GALE HERNANDEZ commented  · 

    I agree it would be most helpful in the office if there was Alerts regarding account issues. ie. insurance need, accounts with balance issues, collections etc. I know others agree we are just waiting for PF to make it happen. PLEASE help us out. Thank you.

  • Govindh commented  · 

    This would be most useful to provide an alert to staff to obtain updated insurance information or collect overdue balances on intake

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    There should be a way to add an alert note to a patients chart so that if for any reason we do not want to schedule this patient it will pop up so the scheduler will see it.

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