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Alerts regarding patient on scheduler or intake

have a field that office can input patient specific alerts pertaining to Billing (like balance due or account in collections) or Appointment Scheduling (like patient discharged, do not schedule) etc.
This would be incredibly helpful to scheduling staff to have alert box pop up that indicates this type of information. This way, staff can address when client is on the phone setting up an appointment.
Thank you

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Mrs Pam Zaft shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

You asked and we listened: Use Pinned notes to manage non-clinical reminders
Practice Fusion continues to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and enhanced workflows. With Practice Fusion’s Pinned Note feature, we have made it easier for practice staff to quickly view pertinent custom details about patients before they are scheduled, before check in, or during a patient visit. A Pinned Note is the ideal place to record non-clinical information specific to an individual patient, where you can have important information readily available. Thanks you to everyone who voted and helped make the Practice Fusion EHR better for everyone.


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  • Dr William Thorneloe commented  · 

    We have begun CAPITALIZING patients who are problems and leave a note to staff in the Notes section of Profile. We have tried the Middle Name (DNR Do Not Reschedule). We also make the patient INACTIVE.

    Problems with this include INACTIVE makes the name invisible unless checked Box to show INACTIVE. There is no way to search on the Middle Name.

    Hence our workarounds have failed. Please make this feature.

  • Nisha P commented  · 

    The alert box will be really helpful. When patient calls , its easier to collect payment or if discharged the staff can handle accordingly.
    Need this feature soon


  • Kristen commented  · 

    A Pop up feature would be very helpful for practices in ACO's, since Medicare requirements for 2017 include EHR accounts be "flagged" for ACO patients, so physicians & staff members are aware of pt ACO requirements from the moment the pt is scheduled.

  • Erika commented  · 

    we need to know what the patient is due for , ex: colonscopy, mammo, eye exam and so forth.

  • Sam commented  · 

    Don't understand why it already isn't in. Seems like a very important feature to me. Some charts need to pop up a reminder, flag, whatever.

  • Isabel Ramos-Wing commented  · 

    As has been said, this is a sorely needed feature. Please make this a priority!

  • Dr Lethu Truong commented  · 

    Yes this! Let us free hand what note we want in the pop up like "pt in collections" "pt has no showed 3 times" "patient needs extra time for appointment" "pt needs translator" etc.

  • Katherine Fabi commented  · 

    We need an alert or pop up where we can add important info about or for the patient when scheduling or checking in. People (including myself) have been asking for this for years and it currently has 1,660 votes. When will you start listening to your clients? Very frustrating.

  • Mr Alfio Hikmat commented  · 

    Adding a popup window for quick reminders when patient checks into the lobby, sometimes can be helpful for remembering to collect information, payment or anything without having to access the patient's chart, could increase productivity.

  • Joseph commented  · 

    Alerts, flags and/or pop ups would be very helpful for compliance in the clinical and the billing department

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Custom Patient flags would be fantastic!! Tagging for items like CCM enrolled, High risk meds and other patient-specific features would be so helpful!

  • Medical Director commented  · 

    I like the idea of alerts for scheduling and billing, I also think that feature can be made even more useful. It would be great if you could customize alerts for patients. Like a auto tickler file because right now we have to use a separate system and it is not that convenient or efficient. For example, when vaccines are due, certain appointment types are needed for follow up, labs are due, patients need reminder calls. In addition, alerts/pop ups on the patient chart for staff instead of having to go to the Profile to see specifics, like patient preferred name, special messages related to that patient for when they arrive.

  • Zak commented  · 

    Please add a patient specific alert that we can customize ! This would be helpful in regards to specific times patients are limited to, certain health related alerts, appointment reminders, etc. A little red flag or dot in the corner of their name with a mouse-over drop-down or something, please !

  • Mrs Nicole Haas commented  · 

    Absolutely need this feature. As of right now things are being put in the patient's profile, which is easily overlooked. In my type of practice, patient's may be discharged. It would be nice to see as an alert as soon as you click into their name so that everyone in the practice is notified.

  • Dr Felicia Armstrong commented  · 

    This is so needed! We use to have it in our old system- it was VERY useful.

  • OIPM commented  · 

    it may be helpful if the alert can be set as a 'global' alert or a 'provider specific' alert.

  • Donna commented  · 

    this would be very beneficial to the scheduler, we used to have it on our old system!

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