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Alerts regarding patient on scheduler or intake

have a field that office can input patient specific alerts pertaining to Billing (like balance due or account in collections) or Appointment Scheduling (like patient discharged, do not schedule) etc.
This would be incredibly helpful to scheduling staff to have alert box pop up that indicates this type of information. This way, staff can address when client is on the phone setting up an appointment.
Thank you

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Mrs Pam Zaft shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

You asked and we listened: Use Pinned notes to manage non-clinical reminders
Practice Fusion continues to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and enhanced workflows. With Practice Fusion’s Pinned Note feature, we have made it easier for practice staff to quickly view pertinent custom details about patients before they are scheduled, before check in, or during a patient visit. A Pinned Note is the ideal place to record non-clinical information specific to an individual patient, where you can have important information readily available. Thanks you to everyone who voted and helped make the Practice Fusion EHR better for everyone.


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  • Ms Kayla Langlee commented  · 

    In the Client's summary page you would be able to create customized alerts with their own titles and dates/times. These alerts would would pop up either on the schedule, appointment list, tasks, or as an email to the provider.

    This is needed to remind mental health therapists when treatment plans, diagnostic assessments, and other needed documentation should be updated throughout the treatment process.

    It would be even better to be able to attach a scanned document or note to the alert, but I don't want to press my luck.
    I just need a customized alert for each Client chart.

  • Ms Kayla Langlee commented  · 

    Need this to be NOT a template (due to it being different for each individual Client; perhaps have it auto-populate like the diagnosis does into the SOAP note?)

    A treatment plan would ideally be in its own section of the chart, with prompts for the clinician to check whether goals have been met.

    For example it might look like:

    Goal 1: By 12/24/15 Pt will have a 2 month period in which no work is missed as a result of mental health symptoms.
    Goal 2: By 8/14/15 PHQ9 will show no suicidality.

    There would be some kind of reminder at each appointment for the provider to see whether the goals have been met (and therefore need to be changed to new goals), and there would be another reminder at the first appointment following 8/14/15 that Goal 2 has expired and must be updated.

  • Mrs Zemelda Carr commented  · 

    receive alerts for Approaching CAPS, discharges, user license renewal etc.

  • Mrs Andrea Petras commented  · 

    an alert that reminds the back office personel that there was something that patient didnt bring(such as new medication name) from previous visit and it shows up as an alert at the current visit.

  • Tesa Franklin commented  · 

    I agree with > "Dr. Mitchell commented · February 17, 2016 11:00

    It helps identify issues that help promote better work flow regarding patient account status as well as no-shows, etc. "

    This would be extremely helpful with patient care. almost all EHR's i have used utilize this feature! Thanks so much!

  • Dr. Jacob B. Goldstein commented  · 

    Debi Phillips- really like that work around! This method makes for unlimited alerts, it's customize-able, and pops up when you bring up the patients chart. Where were you years ago? Good thinking!

  • Mrs Debi Phillips commented  · 

    I would love to see this too. We are in Pain Management and we solved this issue in the meantime by using the Picture Box for the patient to alert us. We downloaded pictures like: Stop Sign (billing), Donald Trump saying "your Fired" (for dismissed pt's.) , HIV, RX with slash (for no narcotics), etc. Then upload it to patient picture box. This is working for our clinic.

  • David Van Bussum commented  · 

    Absolutely need this. Already have the flag functionality in the patient chart. For a quick feature enhancement provide user control of adding the flag and allow a custom description to be attached to it.

  • Christie Fain commented  · 

    Please make a way to flag patients (beside of their name) in the system. ex. red flag means cannot be seen unless financials are given, green flag means they have two no shows.

    This would have schedulers know who can be seen in the clinic.

  • Ms Jennifer Daigle commented  · 

    I would like a pop up alert or something that gets the user's attention if a patient is due for screening, follow-up visit, has a balance, etc. It should pop up every time the chart is accessed until the issue is resolved. Please, please, please...this would improve the workflow of our respective practices significantly.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, please add this pop up box. We need it so......badly for many reasons.

  • Erica commented  · 

    It would be great if there were some sort of pop-up notification for medication refills. For instance, when you log into the patient's chart it would be helpful to have a pop-up letting us know that they are due for a refill on Lisinopril and their last refill date was mm/dd/yy, etc or something of that nature. I think it would be a useful feature and ensure that as many items as possible are able to completed while the patient is here in the office, rather than trying to call us after their visit and requesting Rx refill.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This would be extremely helpful. Having the ability for the practice staff to "flag"a chart of monies due, numerous no shows, no blood work, etc.

  • Theresa commented  · 

    If a patient is in a Collections status it would be nice to have an alert on their chart when making appointments for them. We don't schedule patients who are in collections and it would be nice to have something pop up if they are in collections....

  • Judy commented  · 

    We need a way to alert staff when a patient charts needs additional info provided at the onset.

  • Mrs Carrie Thonen commented  · 

    We need a place for patient alerts that shows up highlighted on the summary of every patient. Maybe make the tag red or bright orange instead of the classic blue and it needs to be at the very top of the patients summary so it is easily seen by every person looking at the chart. In that area we should be allowed to free text individual patient alerts... for example "pt has a $25 balance", or "pt is due for a repeat pap smear in August 2016" or "pt needs blood pressure checked at every visit" or "pt is due for cholesterol screen 4/16", etc. etc. etc. Thank you!

  • Mrs Andrea Petras commented  · 

    a block where you can type free text in RED letters any alert that is detrimental to patient care that you can see as soon as you get in to patient chart such as LATEX allergy or patient is hard of hearing or diabetic. in our practice it is important that we see these things ahead of time.this would be a major time saver for back office staff!!

  • Katherine Fabi commented  · 

    A Pop Up feature where we could enter important info on a patient that would pop up when we search the patient would be EXTREMELY helpful!

  • Kristine Holmes commented  · 

    Currently our office puts DNS (do not schedule) or SEE PROFILE after their first name in the name box. Then we type details in the profile section. This helps our communication tremendously. Especially if they are frequent No Shows, or have a balance that requires prepayment. The physician removes the letters in their name prior to sending an eScript, then puts them back in. Extra work but saves us time on the front end. Hope this helps.

  • Leah T commented  · 

    I love this idea too. It would be very helpful especially when a patient has a balance due or when we need update any info when a patient calls. I think a pop up window letting us know of any alert when we pull the patient's chart to take a message or make an appointment or just go to the chart would be really helpful.

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