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Existing Appointment Alerts when scheduling

When scheduling appt. we would like an alert to show up if the pt has an existing appt. already so they don't have several appts. pending. That would save time and appt. available.

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Ms Erika Quinones-Garza shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Mrs Jeri Helton commented  · 

    This just happened today.... One patient had an appointment this week and next week and it would have been great to have that pop up and save us from multiple appointment times being taken for the same patient.

  • Mr Ashok BL commented  · 

    My suggestion on this would be, when we are scheduling an appointment for a patient, we need to first enter the patient name, after that, the PF should Pick upcoming appointment and Past appointment in a separate window next to the Current appointment window while we are working on to schedule the appointment.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would also like to see a pop-up showing existing appt's scheduled. We have had several instances when a patient has scheduled duplicate appt's and the person scheduling would not know this unless they went into the person's chart and we do not have time to do that when scheduling.
    Thank You

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    please add this feature

  • stephanie commented  · 

    please fix! we end up with a lot of no-shows and this would help this issue

  • Mrs Melissa Lyons commented  · 

    Please do this with the EHR we always have patients that have old appointments scheduled and then they get another appointment scheduled without the old appointments getting cancelled this will be very helpful.

  • Mrs Christi Dillon commented  · 

    If pts have more than one appt, it would be nice if the system had an alert. this would avoid missed appts that are forgotten to be erased.

  • Mrs Sandy Homan commented  · 

    Not being able to see patients upcoming appointments when scheduling a new appointment causes overbooking of same patient appointments. When one patient has three different appointments for the same type of visit within a few days of each other takes away from patient who need it. Having some form of upcoming appointment would be nice. Thanks

  • Tami commented  · 

    A pop-up or list of future appointments would be helpful as you are scheduling a new one to prevent duplicates.

  • Mrs SARA YACKEY commented  · 

    on the patient list page when searching for a patient add a field to display upcoming appointments.

  • Dr Benjamin Schaffer commented  · 

    I would suggest a similar type of pop-up like the one that says "template saved", but maybe with different shape and color.

  • Mrs Vanessa Fernandez commented  · 

    In the "Schedule" area it would be nice to have a patient search available, instead of having to go to the patients chart to find the appointment date.... It would be super helpful!

  • Ms Amber Poppino commented  · 

    When creating a new appointment after you select a patient, it would be nice to have an alert saying, "this patient like a weeks notice for appointment" or "Confirm all appointments with caregiver/daughter" something like that would be of great help!

    Also, if the patients street address would show in the box for their appointment would be awesome! that would help out providers traveling from home to home.

  • Mrana commented  · 

    That is a good idea. we would also like to see that added.

  • Mrs Gayle Little commented  · 

    When you click on add an appointment - as you enter the patient name it would be nice to have the alert once you click on that patient that states - possible duplicate or patient has another appointment scheduled in the future and have the date so they can go to that appointment and reschedule it or cancel the other appt.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    when we look at the appts list for a specific day under the appointment tab, you could have a new column on the far right that listed the next scheduled upcoming appt if the pt has more than one scheduled.....

    and if we are actively scheduling that pt and have the appt box open, there could be a button that indicates pt has another appt scheduled and if you click it, it opens THAT appt box as well (so we can see the date/time as well as the chief complaint to know why it was already scheduled)....then decide what to do with both appts! would be awesome!

    this would be SO helpful in our efficiency....

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be helpful if the alert came up when we attempt to put in a new appointment in that box. Maybe when we select the patient's name it could pop up.

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