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Existing Appointment Alerts when scheduling

When scheduling appt. we would like an alert to show up if the pt has an existing appt. already so they don't have several appts. pending. That would save time and appt. available.

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Ms Erika Quinones-Garza shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Baxter commented  · 

    In medisoft i was able to search patients in the appointments list, which allowed me to instantly see whether they had an upcoming appointment or not. In the PF "charts" section, I can view the list of patients, as well as their upcoming appointment if there is one, but if I search for a patient in the same section, their appointment is no longer shown on that page, and I am forced to open the profile to see their appointment. This may not seem like a big deal for some, but for those who have slow internet, or wish to deal with patients on the phone immediately, it can be somewhat of a hindrance. This problem could be fixed by a) allowing you to search for patients directly in the schedule, or b) retaining the appointment information when a search is made in the charts section

  • Lorraine commented  · 

    I agree with Pam and Dr. Godwin's suggestions

  • Mrs Anita Powell commented  · 

    We also need some type of pop up or red dot, like when there are documents to be signed, alert the nurse that a patient is ready in the waiting room.

  • Danielle commented  · 

    One of our previous schedulers had an alert that would make us force the appt when it did not jive. Also, it would show when another employee was scheduling that time slot. That was helpful. Also the printing of the scheduler is too minimal. We are a small office so there are too many steps for us but not enough on the printing options.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It could be a pop-up screen that states "____ had a scheduled appointment on ___ day at ___ time." Then there could be a button that says "schedule anyway" and "cancel." This allows the scheduler the ability to tell the patient the exact date and time of their appt without searching for it. It also allows an override if the patient wants to come in early for a problem, but wants to save their scheduled appt (especially if it's a month in the future for example).

    Possibly there could be an option for changing the existing appointment to a different day/time. For example: Patient A wants to schedule a follow-up, not knowing she's already scheduled for next week. The screen pops up that says "Patient A has appt Mon ___ at ___ time." There can be an option that says "change existing appt to [the date and time she's looking for this week]." This way a scheduler doesn't forget to delete next week's appointment if the patient decides she'd rather be seen early.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Is it possible to have an alert come up when patient calls in for appt.? Such as; if patient has a past due balance.

  • Mrs Gayle Little commented  · 

    as an alert pop up maybe as you are making the appointment before you finalize it. An option to delete that other appointment also.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    Godwin's solution is perfect.

  • Naomi commented  · 

    this would be a great idea!! Having it pop up when you are in their account would be great..

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    I think if you're making an appointment, you just have a pop up over the 'create appointment' box that says "this patient has an appointment on x date" it would be fine. Then one should have several action options:
    1: Ignore. This would just let you schedule the appointment and not touch the future one.
    2: Change Scheduled Appt. This would allow you to edit that already scheduled appointment to reflect the new date/time. (not create a new appointment, but just move the one that is already scheduled to a different time).
    3: Cancel Scheduled Appt: this would cancel the future scheduled appointment and then allow you to make the new appointment.

  • Danielle Marie commented  · 

    I have this problem a lot. It results in lost revenue and loss of an open slot for patients waiting for an appointment.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Find client scheduled future appointments faster with a search option directly from the calendar, to save extra clicks by not going into the patient's chart.

  • Hi Danyelle--thanks for chiming in here. Our goal in merging ideas is to organize future features that we might build to get comments exactly like yours! These will help us shape the feature as we're gathering requirements, before we take the proposed solution to our panel of physicians and beta testers.

  • DANYELLE commented  · 

    I had submitted an idea, somewhat like this but not really, that apparently has been merged with this one.

    I am looking to have the HISTORY of appointments (past appointments) show from the appointment screen. Our office needs to know when a patient was seen in the past so that we can properly treat our patients. (i.e. diabetic/HTN patients need to be seen every few months)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Place a list of upcoming appointments to the right side of the box that automatically pulls up while you are setting the appt. Dont forget to make sure we can read the CC for each of them so we can tell what the future appts are actually for, as well. Save us some hunting! As mentioned below in another comment, we need to know when last wellness visit was or if she is already scheduled for one, etc. Or pt may be scheduled for a lab visit but also needs an appointment visit later, etc.

  • Mrs Pam Zaft commented  · 

    appointment conflict pop up alert once appt date/ time is selected and patient name is entered in the new appt. window, alert for same day, not necessarily same TIME.

    one step further, would be if staff could view a list with appt. history of future or past visits while in the new appt window to quickly check if yearly wellness visits are within insurance guidelines or when last visit was to determine appt length of time.

  • Mrs Di W commented  · 

    I think if it just would pop up in a different colored text box to alert you. Then you could "x" out and address it w/the patient.

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