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Compact Schedule Printing

The new update has changed the schedule view to be much longer, wasting lots of space and making it hard to see the entire schedule. The printed schedule is now 3 pages long as well, which wastes space and paper. We utilize the printed schedule everyday, and the small compacted 1 page schedule was what we worked with.

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Julie shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with everyone, the doctors have there own lists they keep with them, they are very upset they get 3-4 pages instead of one, cost of ink and paper are a big issue with them, also.

  • Ms Elisa Jannetty commented  · 

    Yes PLEASE do this! I use a print out of the daily schedule as my work list throughout the day to keep on schedule and prepare for upcoming patients. I am not near my computer throughout the day, as I am with patients, so this printed out schedule is a VITAL part of my day. The schedule used to print very succinctly on one page, now it takes 3 pages to print. Its very cumbersome and disruptive to my work flow to be rifling through pages. I would really like to see this change enacted. Thank you!

  • PLakis commented  · 

    PLEASE do this!!!! And for an example of an online scheduler that does this extremely well, Practice Fusion should look at MindBodyOnline. They have been at this for years and have intuitive scheduling to a science. Phillip and Practice Fusion... please take note! Thanks.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    100% agree!! Our office rely's on the printed schedule as well!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When printing a daily schedule, it prints in bold. I would like it to print in regular print to save on ink.

  • Piotr commented  · 

    100% agree, need it!

  • Quazi T Islam, MD commented  · 

    If you bring the ability back to sort the schedule based on the "status" of the patient the way you can sort it based on the appointment "time", that will save some paper too as we can print only the top pages and avoid the cancelled and no-show patient from printing. I was able to do it in the older version of the schedule. Please take care of this ASAP. Thanks!

  • Hillary Koogler commented  · 

    We agree 100%. Really hoping this gets more votes so it can be implemented.

  • Mrs Nicole Lyons commented  · 

    I agree, it takes up a ton of room on the paper and wastes alot of paper in our office. The old schedule was wonderful.

  • Mrs Sherry Face commented  · 

    We much prefer the 1 page schedule. Also, the cost of paper alone to print these just tripled with the new format, please change it.

  • Luz Gallardo commented  · 

    We are a free community charitable clinic and would benefit from just printing one page instead of 3 or 4.

  • Mrs Sherry Face commented  · 

    The schedule view and printed schedule are a big issue for us. Not only is it an inconvenience when working but the way it is now will cause our printer toner, drum, and paper costs to triple. This needs addressed ASAP.

  • SWWC commented  · 

    Please, please do this.

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