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Make Active and Inactive patients more obvious when selecting throughout the EHR

When opening the new appointment window, active and non-active patients look the same, thus causing potential errors to occur.

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Julianne shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

Thanks to everyone for providing your thoughts on how inactive patients should be displayed in Practice Fusion.

As of 03/25/2016, to reduce confusion when working with patient lists, we have made it more obvious in the main Charts section when a patient is inactive.

You will see the words “Inactive” in the patient list as well as the patient header when you are working with an inactive patient.

Additionally, if a patient is marked as inactive, she or he will not appear in search results for appointments, messages, labs, or refills. If you would like a patient to appear in those search results for selection, you’ll need to mark the patient as Active.


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  • nicole commented  · 

    The change is good, BUT it would be nice if inactive patients would also pull up when making appointments like in the charts section. Some patients haven't been seen in awhile so we make their charts inactive, but when they do call to make an appointment we are unable to pull up the inactive patient in the schedule, so we end up creating a new chart and we don't realize it until its too late and then we end up having two charts for one patient. PLEASE fix this issue.

  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Thanks for the change, BUT.. for an existing appointment on the schedule, there is *no* indication that the patient is inactive, even when appt is opened for details/changes.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Since the change I am not able to open charts marked "inactive" in "upload" menu when I need to upload additional documents for inactive charts. I have to open chart, mark active, upload, and open chart to inactive. Stopped doing that and now Doctor needs a headcount of active vs inactive.

  • Cheryl Mazur commented  · 

    Thank you PF for working on improving our EMR. I have a suggestion for this new update. Although I am grateful that inactive patients with common duplicate named patients are now not appearing when making appointments it would be nice to have a option box like we do in the charts area to work with inactive charts under messaging and douments.
    Due to the fact that going electronic has not completely omitted the paper trail we are usually behind in uploading documents and still need to quickly and easily assign documents to the correct chart without having to go back and reactive the patient and then go back to inactivate them again.
    Thanks again for all you do.

  • Ochuko Diamreyan commented  · 

    Please expedite this request, our practice so requires this distinction

  • Melanie Casto commented  · 

    I highly agree with this, way to many mistakes with duplicate charts both having info in them which then needs to be corrected and none of us has that extra time.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I highly suggest this! We have made countless mistakes due to this because if 2 charts are made by accident for the same patient, we make one of them inactive but you cant tell when you're selecting through the EHR. For example, when uploading documents both charts show up even though one of them is inactive and there is no way to tell the difference.

  • inenice pinney commented  · 

    Inactive patients are being scheduled then called to confirm their appt because schedulers cannot tell who is inactive from the schedule and to time consuming to get out and look through charts. This needs to be fixed asap

  • Allison Dolomont commented  · 

    Deactivating a patient doesn't remove them from the list when you upload documents to patient's chart. This is helpful if patient is duplicated in the system and you dont know which to choose because they both look the same.

  • Erica commented  · 

    I can't figure out which chart to choose when uploading a document to a patient's chart who accidentally has 2 charts (for whatever reason) 1 is active & the other is inactive. There is no way to tell that from the uploading screen - causing me to have to just pick one then go back to the chart and check to see which chart it uploaded to.... don't have time for this. Please fix!

  • Dee Scritchfield commented  · 

    This is a continual issue of making appointments and visits notes on the wrong chart. We really need this differential in place

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Is there any way to differentiate between those who are in active and those that aren't? I can see where it would helpful in some situations to have those inactive patient charts easily accessible when scheduling but there really needs to be some easy way to identify those who are inactive. I, like so many others, have scheduled appointments in duplicate charts because the inactive may appear first on the list and I have no way of knowing.

  • Ms Diana Hollingsworth commented  · 

    Hi just letting folks know our practice is using a "work around" on this topic. We decided to "rename" incorrect pt charts by adding the words, "wrong chart" to the first name of the incorrect record. That way, no matter who is having the problem, it's much easier to avoid selecting the incorrect chart. Not perfect, as no "work around" is preferable; however, has resolved immediate issue.
    It would be nicer at some point if this newer version of EHR would not so readily resurrect names from less active practice history.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We have two charts by the same person and can't see how to hide the inactive (wrong) chart

  • Ms Holly Massey commented  · 

    Inactive Patients show up to add to schedule

  • Mindy commented  · 

    Active patients need to stand out in a bright color and inactive paitnets need some sort of appearance or noted color to make it easier to distinguish them

  • Andrew The commented  · 

    When adding an appointment, if a patient is inactive, he/she should not be among the list of available patients. We have some charts in duplicate for some reason, and eliminating this would reduce errors in adding notes to the wrong, inactive chart.

  • ITMedRx commented  · 

    Inactive Patients show up to add to schedule, but not when searching in "Chats". Please fix this.
    Thank you!

  • Leah T commented  · 

    I agree with everyone here. We uploaded a document in the inactive chart since it isn't distinguished which one is active and inactive. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  • Dr Malaika Berkeley commented  · 

    When scheduling appointments it would be great if we can clearly differentiate active vs inactive charts eg by shading, coloring, bolding. The utility of this for me is that we need inactive pts to be cleared by the office manager before they can be scheduled. Thanks.

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