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Overdue Patient Checkup Report for Patient Recalls

I'd like to be able to run a report and print a list of overdue patient checkup visits. It helps to call patients who have not visited for their vaccine or annual physicals.

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  • Jasmine commented  · 

    there should be an option to enter in when the patient is due for a re-exam so the front office can stay up to date with scheduling. There should also be a notification system for patients when they have an appointment coming up.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Report representing

    Last date of visit This would facilitate running reports that would allow our office to filter patients who may have visits that are overdue.

  • Dr Anita Schnapp commented  · 

    I would love this feature for annual exams. We have used post cards in the past that the patient fills out one year, and we mail the whole month's worth the following year. However, this is very expensive. A group email or portal message would be great. I would use it for patients that have not had a well woman exam in >12 months. However, need to have a way to not send the same patient multiple emails if they are not responding, or respond to the first reminder, but can't get in for another 6 weeks. Don't want to resend a reminder if they have an appointment scheduled.

  • Mr Charles Kendzierski Jr commented  · 

    Vaccine checks in general, yearly checkups, and we do asthma and ADHD every 3 months.
    It would be very nice to see who needs to scheduled what appointments before they are missed.

  • monique vizel-schwartz commented  · 

    1.generate reports with names pts who had yearly cpex a and/or mediare g0438/39
    2.find way to send reminder to these pts to come for new year cpu choice of types of visits add yearlycpex and medicare g0438/9

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    i want to create list of patients on monthly basis that needs annual check up in coming mo.nth

  • Ms Kattie Robinson commented  · 

    A list of patients that have fallen off our schedules for longer than 2 weeks so that we have a better way to contact and follow-up with these specific patients.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes a recall list please for patients coming back into the office would be SO helpful. Tasks are not working for this if we can't sort by patient or attach to their chart for easy searching.

  • Shawna commented  · 

    We need to be able to generate a report for patient "recall" meaning patients that have not been seen in a specific period of time or did not schedule a follow up appointment at their last office visit. That way we can follow up with a phone call, text, email or post card to get them back in the office!!!

  • Ms Aimee Ng commented  · 

    Is there a way we can either automatically remind patients they are due to follow up at whatever interval is recommended by the doctor or are able to have it on our end to call without sending a notification to the patient so as not confuse the patient by thinking it's an actual appointment?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    A recall section is imparative to our practice. we need to have a place to add pt's into a recall area to call them for future followups. sometimes as much as a 5 or 10yr recall timeframe.

  • Candace McNaughton commented  · 

    I had an idea before for a tickler feature. Currently I always type at the end of my Plan "Return visit: one month" or another amount of time.

    If there were a separate box for this, a feature could be built that emails the patient if that time passes and there's not an appointment.

    "Dear so and so,
    It is time for your follow up visit. Please give us a call to schedule."

  • Alisan commented  · 

    Patient recalls to come back in. There needs to be a way to have a daily list we can print and go through.

  • Dr Lyndon Taylor commented  · 

    Annual visit report
    Search by date of last annual visit.
    Details needed: Full Name, DOB, Home Cell and Work Phone, Email, home address.

  • Dr Richard Randolph commented  · 

    We need a process that alerts the office and the patient that a future event needs to take place, such as a 6 month repeat sonogram or an annual wellness exam. Making this a "task" requires too many steps - it should be an automated process that pulls up an interactive report of multiple patients for a period of time (e.g. a week) and indicates the needed test/visit, the report should offer to send a reminder to the patient that the test or visit is due

  • Toni commented  · 

    I agree!!! We do not schedule more than six months ahead, it would be nice to generate a list of patients each week or month that need to make an appointment for the upcoming month,

  • Dr Dorothy Hitchmoth commented  · 

    I have been using Practice Fusion for 5 years and the single biggest remaining deficit to the software (for my practice) is the absence of an integrated "return to clinic" recall system. A work flow that allows a doctor order to populate a recall report that can then be printed out to a variety of formats for mailing or emailing would be great.

  • Teresa commented  · 

    can there be a way of putting a recall date for next well visit into emr and have it generate either a list by date and patient name, or bettter yet , have it generate a recall letter that we can send to patients. Most of our patients have cell phones , but frequently change the number, and some don't have acess to email accounts or just don't check them

  • Clyde McMorris commented  · 

    please create a report that allows us to show the last 'seen' office visit for a list of patients. This allows us to identify patients who have been 'lost to follw-up", patients who have not been seen within a reasonable time frame. Filters could include age, gender, diagnoses, etc.

  • Catherine commented  · 

    With the old system that we used we were able to print pre-generated letters reminding patients to make an appointment. We would print out all the letter at the beginning of each month, each letter was directly addressed to the patient with the date of their last visit. We were able to enter 3 month or 6 or 12 month recalls and address it as "annual" "follow up" "depo"... This would be very helpful. The suggestion that we were given was to create an appointment for a year or six months from now so the patient would receive a confirmation email one week then one day before. Although this is a good idea, patients don't always follow up and then we would have "appointments" scheduled when no one shows, causing a lot of confusion.

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