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Overdue Patient Checkup Report for Patient Recalls

I'd like to be able to run a report and print a list of overdue patient checkup visits. It helps to call patients who have not visited for their vaccine or annual physicals.

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  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    "Patients [age range] who have not been seen by [visit type} by any provider in X months"
    As a pediatrician It would be very helpful to list patients who need a preventive health care visit/well visit who have not had one in [X] number of months.

  • OrionFalvey commented  · 

    It would be helpful if it showed on a patient's chart if they were due for a specific screening. Similar to the CDS notifications but customizable to meet specific measures that a practice needs to track. And that this was updated when a screening was reported in the S/I/A section.

  • kenny commented  · 

    recall list please..would like a step by step process on how to print out the recall list for future appointments

  • Ranjit Pookkottil commented  · 

    Couple of options here..

    1. Patients with Appointment Date more than X months
    2. Patients who have not had an "Appointment Type=Wellness Exam" in X months

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    Would like to run a report with V70.0 diagnosis code. That is patients who have had this in the last 1 yr and those who have not had it in last 1 yr period.

  • Dr Adrienne Classen commented  · 

    Some way to search for patients with elevated BMIs to create a list to contact

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We send out letters/post cards to patients that are either a no show or have cancelled an appointment and we also have patients that leave the office without making a follow up appointment. It would be great to have a list of patients that need to be scheduled, but then be removed from the list after an appointment has been made.

  • Ana commented  · 

    We need recall system that helps us generate a list of patients that have not been seen in our office for a certain period of time, or patients that no show to appointments.

  • Jerry F commented  · 

    Patient recalls for health maintenance or just reminding the office to call for a phone follow up. Every clinical program I have worked with including those I've written have the ability to print recalls for a given day.

  • Jerry F commented  · 

    We need to see recalls in the patient record. Also need to be able to see and print out recalls every day.

  • Naresh commented  · 

    We are a Pediatrics Practice based in San Jose. There is schedule for children to get checked receive vaccine shots at pre-deternined age. Quite a few of patients do not call to schedule the appointment. I will like to see a report option where I can sort patients when last seen. The report should also contain, date of birth, parent and their contact details.

    Thank you.
    Evergreen Pediatrics

  • ariel commented  · 

    Patients with no encounter note in last 4 months is what I would use.

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