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Add new patient appointments directly from the chart

I would like to be able to directly add an appointment while in the chart, without having to separately open the scheduler, and then also having to select the patient again. Why not create a link so that from the chart, can see the schedule and click a date/time from the calendar.

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Mitch Butin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • IreneThomas commented  · 

    We don't really use the scheduling for this reason. Its just not intuitive enough. Being able to add a patient appointment directly from their chart will make it easier instead of having to go to the schedule and search the patient. It should be easy to add since you can see appointments under Summary.

  • Dr Kathleen Clark commented  · 

    Ability to make an appointment while in a patient's chart. Have an + next to appointments, similar to adding messages.

  • Jay Williams commented  · 

    When in a patient's chart, whether timeline, summary or profile, the ACTION button is visable, however "CREATE APPOINTMENT" is not an option. Could that be added?

  • Dr Daniel Frye commented  · 

    When I'm in a patient chart I would like to be able to schedule right from her chart instead of closing it and having to go to the schedule.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This EMR is simple which make people easy to learn all the function. I understand if I need to make an appointment, I need to click Schedule and create a new one. But if I want to track all the past/ upcoming appointment for one patient, I have to move to Charts-> Summary page. I like the function that u can reschedule appointment easily though click the upcoming appointment. But what if there is no future appointment and we need to book a new one?

    We need to go back to the schedule section. But if we have an icon next to the upcoming. And people and easily add one appointment in summary page. Like the messages part. It will be much faster and much easily to track all the appointment.

    cuz my doctor will click the upcoming part to add chief complaint. Its so useful. But not for new appointment. Doctor is the one who decided the future appointment time, if the (add) icon is there, it save more "time" for doctor and Fronk desk.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    excellent idea, please do

  • Mrs Jenny Matthews commented  · 

    Would love this. I would love if it was an option within the encounter, such as underneath the referral or superbill links. Just having it on the summary page would still create "back and forth" clicking

  • Marcus commented  · 

    I would love for this feature! Would save so much time for our scheduling Department.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This would be a very important feature to add for smoother work flow when that patient is in the room the assistant could create the follow up appointment

  • Ms Elaine Hogg commented  · 

    great idea! Schedule from patient chart under action item as well as print out shedule

  • Gloria McPherson commented  · 

    Scheduling an appointment directly from the patient chart could save me about an hour a day!

  • Dr. G commented  · 

    Putting "Add Appointment" as an action item in the Action list on the patient record is a great idea so you can add an appointment from any tab within the patient's chart. It would be even more efficient if the patient auto-populated into the schedule if you were adding the appointment directly from the patient's chart.

  • Dr Christy Seed commented  · 

    Is there an update on this idea? I am new to PF and already find that moving from patient's chart to scheduler to schedule a non-recurring follow-up appointment is cumbersome. I agree with the other comments about making it an action item...

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, this is a good idea!

  • Marco commented  · 

    Practice Fusion has Recurring appointments feature. Great for Allergists. However, everyone else may just want to make 1 future appointment. Example. Patient gets determines during consult that just 1 follow-up is needed based on history obtained that day. There should be a link in the encounter to schedule an appointment... Patient summary tab.....there should be a link or even in the Actions drop down menu to make an appointment.

    Can you please evaluate?

  • Dr Paul Kim commented  · 

    That sounds good. So I can easily make a follow up appointment without moving out and going to schedule area.

  • Mrs BRENDA MCKEEN commented  · 

    It would be great to have a shedule appointment under the actions tab on the patient's profile. This would be so helpful when putting in hospital patients who are supposed to return within a certain time frame.

  • Denise Dragonov commented  · 

    You could add a "+" next to Appointment in the patient Summary tab

  • Adria commented  · 

    It would be helpful to schedule an appointment directly from the patient's chart. It would also be helpful to upload a document when in a patient's chart.

  • That's the biggest challenge here, Dr. Godwin. In our exploration of how this might work, launching an appointment from here does save 4 clicks and some typing, though, even though it takes the user out of the context that they're working in. So there is definite value to starting an appointment directly from the patient's chart (either from the Summary or from the Actions menu or both)

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