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Optimize clicking in Superbill

When generating a superbill I must select myself via drop down menu as a rendering provider then select location of service for every patient encounter even though I'm signed on at that computer all day. If I signed on once and the system afterward would default to me and my location then it would save me close to 100 clicks per clinic day.

All those clicks add up. I once counted around fifty clicks to generate one progress note and bill. Multiply that by say 20 patients and you've performed 1000 mouse clicks that day.

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NC shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

As of Q4 2015, rendering provider and service location will default to the provider and facility assigned to the chart note that is associated with that superbill.

If you are a legacy user of the Practice Fusion/Kareo interface, we specially enabled this functionality to mirror your previous workflow. When you see two lists in your dropdown, please select the from the Billing system list.

There is more information about this Kareo quirk at this Knowledge Base article:


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  • Lauren Plawner commented  · 

    Agreed! I am the only provider and I practice in only one location. Why do I need to choose myself and my location for every single patient? Needs to be pre-populated! Too many clicks! My wrist hurts!

  • Eugen Luis commented  · 

    automatically populate the Rendering & Billing Provider and Facility fields, PLEASE!!!!

  • Ildiko Kondray, MD commented  · 

    I agree that we should have more defaults in the system. I have the same problem as Lorraine where I have to change the billing provider's NPI number each and every time which is such a hassle. Practice Fusion populates my individual NPI number both for the rendering and also the billing provider and if I don't change the numbers, my claims get rejected

  • Lynna Standridge commented  · 

    Agree. Rendering and billing providers and facility need to have defaults, especially for offices with one location and one provider!

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    I like to vote for this also. We use Kareo and the rendering provider location should autopopulate.

  • Lorraine commented  · 

    Please let us set defaults for rendering, billing & referring provider and for the facility. We have one doctor, so he is the provider for everything and 95% of our encounters have our office as the location

  • Dr Holly Christy commented  · 

    Agreed! Needs to be auto-populated with option to change if necessary.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    YES -
    and also, the texts that you click are too small. e.g. when i click 'diagnosis and then 'historical' the texts only click properly if you click right on the text. why can't someone make the whole area around the text a hot spot? and why isn't there a button for 'use same diagnosis for all procedures' ? These would be easy fixes.

    Also having a new tab for a superbill is cumbersome. the old split screen view is much better.

  • Dr Mert Dinc commented  · 

    It would be very helpful if we could enter multiple diagnoses on the superbill from the diagnosis list by clicking a check mark next to each diagnosis from the list when the drop down menu/list pops up instead of clicing each diagnosis and then reclicking and then reclicking the we are doing right now. We had this ability on the previous version of the superbills...

  • Mrs Michelle Keen commented  · 

    Can the superbill be setup so that it will automatically populate the Rendering & Billing Provider and Facility fields?

  • Dr Fareesa Khan commented  · 

    agree- too many clicks required. Should have one drop down and select all diagnosis needed instead of multiple screen changes

  • Rachel commented  · 

    I completely agree. We have a ton of providers and so I have to scroll through a big list to find my name and then go and find the exact location. But I am always at one location and if I'm signed in under my name then I am always billing under myself!

  • Vijaya Mummadi commented  · 

    Also, if the chart note has been signed and has diagnoses already entered in the chart note, the superbill should be able to pick up the diagnoses from it directly and give us an option to either add or remove diagnoses. It takes very long time to reselect the diagnoses and procedures again in superbill section. For the same reason, I am not using the superbill to save time.

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