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Move Notes section to top of Patient Profile

In the patient's chart, under the Profile tab, there is a place where you can enter just some random notes. In the old EHR, this was visible right by the demos up front and top. Now we have to scroll all the way to the bottom. It would be great to have a "NOTES" box somewhere that is easily accessible, like in the "PROFILE" tab to that area on the right.

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Mrs Dora Cantu shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • H Chandra--it would be best if you submitted a brand new idea for this so we can gather supporters from across the Practice Fusion customer base.

    Also, we have begun working on patient chart alerting, which will likely resolve a lot of this limitation for you:

  • CMK commented  · 

    Moving the Note box to the top was a great idea and thank you for implementing it.

    However, since the 'Note Box' is used by admin as well as medical personnel as a REMINDER site for subsequent visitors to the chart, and since medical personnel rarely if ever need to open the Profile tab, it would be great if this Box could also show up on the Summary screen, below the Messages.

    Summary screen being the default opening screen for a chart, and 'Notes' being the only info on Profile screen that may be of importance whenever a chart is opened, it will be much more useful on the Summary screen.

    In fact, even the admin people rarely need to visit the Profile page once it is filled on the initial visit, unless some demographic info needs to be updated.

    Please consider reproducing or moving the Notes to the Summary screen.

    Thank you.

  • Carol Nykaza commented  · 

    Thank you! This small change makes a big difference in our busy practice!!

  • Rgor commented  · 

    Thank you! It helps to have the notes pop up first before anything else. This way anything that needs to be relayed from one staff to another regarding a specific pt issue is there, front and center.
    Could you save us an additional click and have the notes section be present when creating a new pt? As of now, we have to create the pt, and the go back to profile to start entering data.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    THANK YOU for moving the notes section to the top of the profile tab! :o)

  • Hi Mandy--I think the feature request you're interested in supporting is here:

    Also, we're working on patient alerts now, which should cover many of the reasons that you are utilizing the Notes field now:

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please make sure it will be unlimited text. 500 characters is no where near enough.

  • kps commented  · 

    Or, the ability to move what is there around!

  • Diana commented  · 

    please do!

  • Erica commented  · 

    This part of the patient's chart is the MOST utilized part of the chart at our practice. Please move to a more visible location that is easily accessible & allows more than 500 characters. Also, when the chart is printed now -- all the info entered into the basic section comes out as one long sentence or paragraph. When before we could enter a note and then press enter and keep them listed by the date we made the note and they would print that way. Can you please fix this?

  • Karen commented  · 

    This area needs to be comparable in SIZE to what it was in the old EHR.

    Currently it is a tiny box that is at the bottom of a page and needs to be scrolled through for complete viewing. In the old EHR it took up the entire right half of a page.

  • Elizabeth Lopez commented  · 

    Yes, please put the notes section, for miscellaneous info, back at the top as it was in the old EHR. Not only do we have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find pertinent info but, then, you have to scroll within the scroll!!

  • martish commented  · 

    Making the notes section more accessible is helpful but if we could make it so that no other user can change the notes written by another user and with time and date stamp that would create more accuracy.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The patient demographics and privacy information are very difficult to access. In the event that someone calls on the patient's behalf there is no easy way to access a section to see if we are permitted to speak to that patient, leave a message on a phone or cell phone, etc. It would be great to be able to access this readily and even fill it in and have the patient sign electronically to do away with paperwork. When I worked on Medent there was a screen dedicated to this with a hippo to let you know if the privacy information had been filled easy for the patient and the office.

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