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Streamline document scanning

Would like to scan documents directly to the Document section. Now we have to scan to the computer and then upload.

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Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

As many of you know, we have deployed the ability for faxes to flow into Practice Fusion from Updox. This method of document publishing may be a positive alternative to scanning of documents.

We will leave this idea as “Acknowledged” for now.

To sign up for this service, please fill in the Updox form here to create your Updox account or call an Updox representative at (614) 798-8170 ext. 1 to begin the process.

To learn more about this feature, click here:


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  • Mr Will Peterson commented  · 

    We don't need Updox because we are a small solo practice. We want to be able to scan documents into the patient's chart instead of in to a documents section that carries all documents for all patient's. When pulling up a patient their documents should be accessible through the chart by a tab with in their chart instead of going to general documents outside of the chart and searching by patient name. Most software store the document data within each individual chart or at the very least have a link that pulls up all of the documents in order by date from the patient's chart. Not going out of the chart into a joint document section.

    For us it is a make it or break deal since we only have 2 employees. To scan, upload and do all of the assigning process for each document takes way too much time. We were on paper charts so all that documentation has to be done, one document at a time.

  • Dr Gennady Kolodenker commented  · 

    I want to scan a driver's license or insurance card with the ability to auto populate those demographics.

  • Romeo Samouh commented  · 

    should be able to upload right to the EHR since we are subscription based.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Drag and drop pdf files right into the patients' chart would be very helpful.

  • Mr George Santiago commented  · 

    This feature request should be on top of the list. This will streamline the patient checking/registration process immensely.

  • Courtney Surls commented  · 

    I completely agree! This is something that should become a priority in getting done! It would save our staff so much time, and lessen redundancies. Now I find documents get uploaded 2-3 times, because someone is unaware that someone else has already uploaded the file and didn't delete it out of our upload folder.

  • Mr Damian Carrillo commented  · 

    The problem with relying on UpDox as a scanning solution is two fold: First, it has it's own associated fees per user. Second, and more significantly, Updox can only upload documents in a 150 x 150 dpi monochrome scan resolution. Any paper containing a color with red in it will turn black on the scan (red, pink, purple, brown, orange, tan) after being uploaded into UpDox. Anything scanned such as lab results, imaging, patient IDs, etc that need to be in a higher resolution or in color are useless after passing through UpDox. We have started doing manual scanning into Practice Fusion utilizing the existing methodologies available. One thing we would like to see is the ability to upload documents to a user's chart without having to create/open an encounter first.

  • Dr David Cobasko commented  · 

    Agree, the eliminating the extra saving-uploading steps would be a huge efficiency improvement!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Updox is helpful but it still adds many layers to the process of adding external records to a patient's chart, it's still not as efficient as uploading directly to PF

  • Mrs SARA YACKEY commented  · 

    Updox has been a godsend, but we still need a way to upload directly form a scanner, instead of to a computer.

  • Dr Janet Chan commented  · 

    It is difficult to get out of the patient's chart note to view scanned documents- it would be great if you can see them by using the little clock icon. Current placement of the documents is kind of hidden.

  • Katie Denning commented  · 

    Yes please! Being able to just scan directly into Practice Fusion and bypass having to save the scanned document to the computer would be much appreciated.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can you please add an upload option to the patient's charts so that when I scan I don't have to scan to my computer and than upload it to the system....It would make it so much easier for our practice if we were able to go into the patient chart and upload the file directly the same say we do in the document section.

  • Ms Guest Herring commented  · 

    Being able to scan directly into the patients chart with out having to save it to your documents on the computer and doing it that way is not utilizing the program or your time well at all.

  • Dr Monica Vega-Vázquez commented  · 

    We still need the ability to scan documents directly to PF, it is too much work to scan documents first to PDF, save it into a file, to then upload them into the patient record. It takes too much time. Thanks.

  • Mrs SARA YACKEY commented  · 

    We still need the ability to fax directly into practice fusion. we get many cardiac reports that are not faxed to us and we have to scan to the computer and upload to PF, VERY LABOR INTENSIVE, please we need the ability to scan firectly in PF

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    Updox is nice but please partner with other vendors so we have choices. Sfax is one that we use that is extremely privacy focused.

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    Would it be possible to also interface with scrypt's sfax software? They are very compliant and even have apis that allow integration? It would be similar to the relationship you have with labs, billing partners, and radiologists.

  • Mrs SARA YACKEY commented  · 

    the implementation of Updox has been great, the ability to upload directly into PF is desperately needed as we move from paper chart to electronic charting.

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