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Streamline document scanning

Would like to scan documents directly to the Document section. Now we have to scan to the computer and then upload.

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Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

As many of you know, we have deployed the ability for faxes to flow into Practice Fusion from Updox. This method of document publishing may be a positive alternative to scanning of documents.

We will leave this idea as “Acknowledged” for now.

To sign up for this service, please fill in the Updox form here to create your Updox account or call an Updox representative at (614) 798-8170 ext. 1 to begin the process.

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  • Mrs Susan Ponder commented  · 

    scanning external documents into PF, such as labs that have been faxed over, or EKGs, ets

  • Avery James commented  · 

    Folders for different test results and documents that may need to be added to patients chart.

  • Mr Sebastian Tezna commented  · 

    Great idea! Being able to scan directly into PF would save valuable time and resources, specially when using a mobile device (ie. using the device's camera to upload a document without first having to save it to the device's memory).

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree direct scanning and faxing would be great. I use a Neat scanner and it would be awesome if I had an e-mail or fax number unique to PF so I could just e-mail or fax the scanned document and also provide the unique number to radiology departments and other testing places .

  • Mrs Wendy Hippensteel commented  · 

    I would love to be able to scan a "batch" of documents into Practice Fusion then post individually to accounts. This would save so much time in the scanning aspect of the EHR.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We need to be able to scan documents from other physician offices into appropriate files - labs into labs/ x-rays into x-rays.

  • Jeannette K. commented  · 

    YES! Also an "Option to rename and/ or creating a new category to file scanned docs" and "upload a bunch of documents at once for the same patient" would be useful too.

  • Glaucoma Doc commented  · 

    Would be great if we can upload a bunch of documents at once FOR THE SAME PATIENT. As of now, we can upload a bunch of documents at once, but we still have to go into each document and specify which patient it's for. Should be able to streamline this, since we usually upload a few items for new patients on the first visit.

  • jagjeet commented  · 

    we should have an Option to rename and/ or creating a new category to file scanned docs

  • Rudis Maldonado commented  · 

    It'd be great if Practice Fusion would automatically detect an uploaded file and automatically know under which patient's profile to save it to. Especially for a clinic with over 20,000 patients who want to switch from paper files to EHRs. It would save a lot of time.

  • Ms vicki duggan commented  · 

    This feature would increase workflow and simplify task.

  • Dr Wali Gauvin commented  · 

    this is a must for PF.. this is another game changer for PF. My staff spends so much time scanning documents and they have to upload document to PF; the entire process takes 2-3 minutes. In a practice seeing 20 patients per day this is 40-60 minutes of scanning (this is 8.3-12.5% of the day scanning and uploading doc...

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Even if PF allowed for uploading pdfs from a program like iExplorer (scanned in by a different app) on iPad would be great. Direct scanning would, of course, be ideal. Thanks!

  • Michael E Brown commented  · 

    Scanning in documents would be a great add on. Also would think about document signing such as in-take documents, consents, etc.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We spend a great deal of time with the current system since so many of our background forms are on paper due to our remote location clinics. A direct import from a scanner such as the Neat system would be an awesome add-on.

  • Lorraine commented  · 

    Faxing and/or scanning directly into PF would be fantastic!!

  • Mrs Anita Powell commented  · 

    This is one of the most ineffective use of our staffs time, we have actually had to purchase another IMac at the front desk so that the receptionist whose task it is to upload documents in PF can have this separate computer to upload on. Previously she did the scheduling and uploading on the same computer which was a headache trying to switch back and forth between uploading and managing appointments and patient information in PF. Please make this a priority.

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