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Display Insurance Information on Day View of Scheduler

When displaying a day's appointments under schedule, it would be a major time saver if the user could see some insurance information in two or three extra columns. Payer name , subscriber's insurance ID would be two extremely useful pieces of information to have on that screen. Thank you in advance for considering the idea

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Ms Taraneh Maleki shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

Great suggestion.

We would like to hear from others how they’d like to see this scheduler grid be enhanced and improved.


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  • Ms Amy Lee commented  · 

    It would be helpful if the copay amounts printed out on the appointment schedule.

  • Mrs Preya Patel commented  · 

    It would help tremendously to have patient insurance information add to the schedule view and included in the printable schedule. Also, as more columns get included, I second comment below to make schedule printing in landscape mode. Can this be feature be implemented sooner than later?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes! This would be very helpful.

  • Tracey Clayton commented  · 

    Agree with all of the above-- It would also be great if when doing a "patient list" in reports that.... 1. patient's primary insurance information(name), patient's id#, and insurance effective date.
    2. and if it was part of the drop down list
    thank you

  • Debbie Gallagher commented  · 

    I agree that insurance information should be on the daily schedules, I have never worked with a schedule that did not have insurance information.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be helpful if any changes you make to this view would also be printable. Even better, print landscape format so that the paper is better utilized. When your programmers set up a page for printing, please check to see that there are no unnecessary blank lines, or that phone number types (M for mobile) actually show up next to the phone number rather than appearing as a random letter near the patient's name.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be really nice to have a place on the schedule that we can put patient's copay's so that we can see how much their copay is every time they check in.

  • Ruthy commented  · 

    Showing the patients insurance visible somewhere next to patients name on the chart list. Where you do not have to go into the patients chart into profile to see what insurance patient has every time. Maybe an abbreviation next to patients name of some sort.

  • Rachel G. commented  · 

    our entire office agrees with this as well. it is time consuming to go back and forth, especially when the system take a long time to load one page to the next.

  • Carrie Swartz commented  · 

    This would be helpful for us since the insurance dictates which labs, hospitals, etcs patients can go to.

  • Monica commented  · 

    The tabs for USERS, DISPLAY OPTIONS & APPOINTMENT TYPES are taking way too much space, please remove it from the view, put it somewhere else.

    In order to add Insurance Info in the view list need to remove those tabs, thank you!

  • Monica commented  · 

    Please add Insurance Information on the view list for faster check of Eligibility.
    This will help us tremendously. Thank You!

  • Candice Colon commented  · 

    I agree insurance verification would be much easier and faster if this feature was updated to include the patients insurance

  • Diana commented  · 

    We really need to have insurance information displayed when scheduling appointments to know to check if they need authorizations and etc.. to know what insurance they have is important when insurances are ppo or hmo, the route of care is different. It is very time consuming to have to go into the patient's profile just to see what type of insurance they have.. So pleaseeeee add a feature to display insurance company when scheduling appointments. THANK YOU

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is our biggest problem too! This would be great and would provide faster checkout with our patients. Please update this feature!

  • Diana commented  · 

    Please add feature.. it is very time consuming at the moment to have to click into the profile.. please add to "edit " in new appointment when scheduling also.

  • Diana commented  · 

    please add feature

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