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Automated phone and text message appointment reminders

It would be nice for the patient to receive a call or text for appointment reminders. It would make it easier on office staff who are too busy in a day to do appointment reminders. It also would eliminate a lot of no show appointments.

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Dr Tuan Ta shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Ms Emily Nelson commented  · 

    MOST other EMR services offer the text reminder option. Now that we are paying for PF it seems like a very reasonable request. Please let us know where you are in reference to this topic. Thank you.

  • Dr James Thomason commented  · 

    Also interested in the texting feature. Can you provide a status report on implementation of this feature? Is the programming in process? Do you have an expected roll out date?

  • Dr James Thomason commented  · 

    Still wondering. Can you provide a status report on implementation of this feature? Is the programming in process? Do you have an expected roll out date?

  • Ms Nilda Sanchez commented  · 

    YES, agree 100%!

    Text/Call Confirmation:

    Please add this feature ASAP, thanks!

  • Jennie commented  · 

    Please add this ASAP !!! Our time should spend on patient care not on administrative tasks. Thank you

  • Dr RAVIKUMAR BHALAVAT commented  · 

    this and fax is two things are missing in practice fusion,. that attract our practice to consider athena or kareo emr. so please install this services. we are not happy with solution reach or updox. they are not effective.

  • Mr Bud Sadler commented  · 

    So it looks as if Updox is rolling on this idea with their users!!!! We have been using Updox for a few years now and love how it integrates with Practice Fusion. I just watched a webinar this morning about the new Updox secure sms message feature. It was looking like exactly what we were needing!!!! We were so excited! Finally! Then we started a chat with Updox and apparently this feature is only capable with the other 20 or so electronic health record systems that Updox integrates with. :( Bummer

  • Megan commented  · 

    This would be an incredible feature to add onto the PF platform! The way the healthcare population has evolved- text messaging has become the norm for everyone.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please provide ASAP. We need for our psychiatric Practice! :)

  • Dr Richard Smith commented  · 

    Many email reminders go into spam or a folder not viewed. Texts and calls do not suffer from this issue. Please implement ASAP. This morning another patient is missing her appointment because the email reminder is ineffective; she would respond to text.

  • Jim Carlile commented  · 

    This thread now and other thread previous created with overwhelming number of votes. PLEASE listen and move this to the top.

    A secure messaging inbox that can be assigned to any designated staff member to screen instead of all incoming messages for the provider going directly to the provider and filling up my inbox is preferred.

  • Michelle commented  · 

    Is there any kind of update from Practice Fusion regarding SMS appointment reminders? Is it in your roadmap? And if so, how long until release? This thread was started over 3 years ago, the idea was "acknowledged" a year after that yet there has been no update regarding the idea's status. Can you please provide some answers now? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    we need this feature. please let us know the status..

  • Dr Vanessa Rodriguez commented  · 

    We need this!!!! No show rate will significantly decrease with this feature. Are you working on this already??? Any companies to do interface for this?

  • Keyla Torres commented  · 

    What is the timeline for this feature to be added?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When will this be rolling out?

  • Ms Jessica Karlinsky commented  · 

    Please ADD the feature of being able to send patient appointment reminders via text with the option to reply confirm or cancel. This benefits patient and practice.

  • Matthew Nesseti, MD, PHD commented  · 

    Please let us know where PF is at on this idea. It is definitely needed and would give added value now that we are paying for PF and watching advertising. Thanks!

    Matt Nessetti Ph.D, M.D., J.D.

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