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Automated phone and text message appointment reminders

It would be nice for the patient to receive a call or text for appointment reminders. It would make it easier on office staff who are too busy in a day to do appointment reminders. It also would eliminate a lot of no show appointments.

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Dr Tuan Ta shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mrs Jacqulene Riley commented  · 

    Keeping up with the next generation is essential. Text communication is a way of life for our younger generation. Would like to be able to text message our patients for there up coming appointment. Most ask for text reminders. 3 days and one day prior would be great, also gives patients enough time to reschedule if needed.

  • Mrs Susan Ponder commented  · 

    text appointment reminders 3 times prior to appointments with "yes" to confirm and "no" to cancel

  • Greta commented  · 

    I would love to avoid the man power to call each patient about appointments.

  • Kay Hovious commented  · 

    Please provide a status report as to when we might expect implementation of this suggestion. Is implementation in the works?
    This feature would be a significant improvement in our ability to communicate with patients.

  • Dr Eleanor Host commented  · 

    I use the portal for secure messaging. It would be FANTASTIC if you could have it alert me and the patient when we put in messages for each other via text alert.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Many of our patients do not access their email, additionally emails have blockers that could cause our reminders to not be received. It would be great if we could offer text, automated calls and emails. This is a service we are looking for specifically and since having to pay for the EHR now, this could be a factor in us leaving in March to a system who does offer this. We are eagerly awaiting updates on this feature :)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    IPS progressively blocking emails, recent google calendar not syncing w/ PF appointment reminders could PF immediately give choice of texting or call instead

  • Tricia Sauer commented  · 

    Since you are going to change to a charge for service model, I think it is reasonable for you to also offer automated phone call and text message appointment reminders. Also, it would be great to offer s died punt for non physician providers. We have been quoted as low as 75/month per non physician provider (dietitian, etc) for EMR service from other companies. Therefore we cannot justify staying with fusion without this feature.

  • Justin Wasserman commented  · 

    Reminding patients via text message (not e-mail) 3 days and 1 day in advance of their upcoming appointment is absolutely essential--especially when we will now be paying for PF. This is a standard feature on any even moderate priced EHR, and is simple to implement. The patients demand it because many do not read all of their e-mails. Please implement this feature ASAP! If this is not done, many, including myself, would look elsewhere for an EHR. Thank you!

  • Dr mohammad tariq commented  · 

    DR. Tariq
    our patients asking us to send Text message reminders for their appointment as that is better way of communicating and reducing no shows.

  • Dr Loretta Sparkman commented  · 

    Sending a text three days and then one day before their appointment would be helpful. Many do not have minutes on their phone and cannot get an email but they can get and respond to a text. Also, this will help no-shows. The system sends the email reminder but my staff calls the patient and leaves a message. When we text them, we get a better response. Thank you.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    Now that we will be paying for PF functionality, with near 2000 users wanting SMS/email notification of pending work, e.g. incoming patient communications, it is now more important than ever that PF develop this ability. As a house call physician, my EHR is open only when needed. I have held off activating patient messaging because of my concern that my response time will be impaired due to lack of SMS notification of received communications. Please make this a priority.

  • Mr Bud Sadler commented  · 

    We have several patients that have ask for this. It would be really great if PF could do this. We are looking at other options to do this right now.

  • Mrs Kristina Cheng commented  · 

    Our patients want to be reminded of their appointment by text message not an email.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    this would be great!!! patients always ask if we send txt reminders, because some don't like to provide their email, or they don't check their email often, so this would be a great feature to have.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please add text confirmation!

  • miao zhao commented  · 

    I agree with the previous posts that it is imperative that this feature is added now. I do not understand why it is not.

  • Craig Title, M.D. commented  · 

    Text reminders for patient appointment is becoming Standard of Care within the medical community and is becoming a readily available option among other medical data management systems.
    I strong urge Practice Fusion to implement this ability; but to please keep it separate from requiring patients to create yet another online account via the Patient Portal - which will create an obstacle and usage. We, as physicians, should be able to add their numbers without having a patient create an online Portal account; and the texts should reveal only the patients first name, appt time, and offices contact info; with options to reply Y / N to confirm their appointment; along with an option to OPT OUT.

  • Tim B commented  · 

    This is the only thing keeping us from switching.....Also agree with the poster below noone uses patient portals, not sure why companies keep trying to make that work

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