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Payer Insurance information listed on top of chart

It would be nice to see the payer type / insurer when charting. Would like to see this listed at the type right beside the name, birth date and email. This would save the step of clicking on the profile every-time.

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Dontstopkeepmoving shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr David Lemme commented  · 

    ...but please put the DOB immediately after the name and age.

  • Mrs Rebekah Prichard commented  · 

    If the patient's primary insurance type was easily visible on the top of chart where the patient demographics are listed, it would be useful.

  • Dr John TB Houston commented  · 

    Please populate the blue section of the chart (in the area of the name picture dob and email) with PCP name and insurance name. This would be similar to epic and cerner. This allows everyone to make quick decisions without having to deeper in the chart.

  • Dr Paul Kim commented  · 

    How about put patient's insurance information and copayment amount in the patient chart header, blue line which currently showing patient picture, DOB, phone number, etc. So don't need to go back profile to check insurance information.

  • Mrs Dinah Olson commented  · 

    I'm not sure if dashboard is the correct category. When I am in an office note it would be great for insurance to show up in the top banner with patient name, DOB... for quick reference.

  • Melissa commented  · 

    I would really LOVE to see the insur info (ie: BCBS) and Copay amount (Ie: $45) on the summary screen of the patients chart so I don't have to flip back and forth so much when checking patients in.

  • Rhonda Jordan commented  · 

    I would like to be able to know the patients insurance without having to look in patient profile. It should be visible like there name and birthdate it takes too long to go into patient profile. Too many medical decisions are made based on insurance not to have it readily available.

  • Rachel commented  · 

    I completely agree. I bill differently and need to include different things in my notes depending on insurance providers.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The patient's insurance is not shown in the blue header area in an open chart. It should be , with at least the insurance company name indicated next to the patient's date-of-birth. This is very important because a patient's insurance company determines where we can send them for tests, specialists, etc. Having to go to Profile and scroll down is very inefficient for such a critical piece of information. There is plenty of screen-space in the blue header, so the company name and even the insurance ID # could be shown there. As others have pointed out, it would also be very useful to display insurance info in the scheduler - in the small pop-up box (which also has a blue header area for patient info) , and in the Appointments tab. It should be shown on all of the print-out "views" in the Appointments tab.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    I have a code system we input on the Basic page. If the patient's insurance requires prior authorizations (HMO, managed Medicare) then we type a "-" after the last name; if the patient has Medicare or PPO, we type a " * " after the name. If the patient pays premiums through the exchange with the complications of the "90-day grace period" we type a " = " after the last name, because they remain eligible even if up to 90 days late with a premium, but if they don't pay for 91 days, the insurance won't pay us for visits during the months they were listed as eligible but didn't pay their premium.

  • nancy commented  · 

    Is there any way to see the patient's insurance type in the schedule (whether it is listed or color coded by insurance type would be nice)? We like to look at the schedule 2 or 3 weeks ahead to anticipate having to request authorizations for follow ups/procedures (L&I, Tri-Care, etc). Any helpful tips for what we want to do?

  • Dontstopkeepmoving commented  · 

    unfortunately I do not see patient’s insurance information in the patient header across the top of the EHR

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