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Patient Care Plan Templates

Often have to write a quick letter for a patient: for instance, "pt needs to suspend gym membership for three months, recuperating from pneumonia", etc. Now, I start an new encounter, and do it under the "PLAN" section and then just print out the plan, not the encounter. Could there be a category just called "letter".

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Jane Chretien shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Mrs Sharon Jeppson commented  · 

    You are able to customize the type of encounter to fit your needs

  • Megan Spires commented  · 

    Now that there is a letter encounter available it would be great to be able to customize it, so we can edit exactly what we want to print out on the letter.

  • Dr Laura Nepveu commented  · 

    So when I print/send the care plan (as required for quality measures) I don't have to type the standard annual exam plan AND I do not want to copy and paste from anywhere else in the chart.

  • Eugene Sukhar commented  · 

    Can you create something like a checklist function in the care plan, that will allow the physician to create checklist for treatment plan, dx testing, procedures... so the clinicians will just cross out the section from that checklist once something is done...and you can see what you have to do, and what is already done.. Just like you go for food shopping

  • Dr Caroline Jones Redstone commented  · 

    Yes! This is very important and I would also like to be able to save different templates for the notes I most often write.

  • Dr Richard Brody commented  · 

    I am also an occ doc and completely agree with the letter from anonymous dated March 17, 2015. Incorporating templates and print option is important for this feature. Thanks.

  • Medea Karr commented  · 

    I agree, and print option is important directly from this screen.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    A good idea, but at the conclusion of letter creating, the pull down action window, needs to have a "Print" option, or otherwise messaging option to transmit electronically.

  • Ms Nina Shields commented  · 

    Please consider adding fields to the care plan ex... patient goals, interventions, outcomes, met or not met. To increase patient involvement in their direction of care.

  • Dr Richard Brody commented  · 

    Yes, a "Letter" encounter category would be very useful. It would obviate the need to leave PF and get into a word processing program and then have to scan that letter into PF.

    I would also like to be able to create templates for use in this letter section. I often need to request specific information from a patient's PCP or specialist in order to clear them for a particular job (I am an occ doc) and a form letter specifying the pt's work and the needed information is a very efficient way of doing this.

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