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Document uploading - Quick access to type of document by pressing first letter of type

In the old EHR we were able to type "R" to get to the R's like Radiology or Request for Medical Notes versus having to scroll through all of the options. Please bring this back every where in the EHR like Documents, Proivders names, etc.

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Cheryl Mazur shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AdminAliza (Admin, Practice Fusion) commented  · 

    As of 10/27/16, you can now search for items within any drop-down menu by typing the first few letters, which will jump you directly to the desired item.

  • Ms Cheryl Trone commented  · 

    This only works with a few of the drop-down boxes, not all. I still have to navigate through the drop-down boxes to attach a provider to a document. Please fix for ALL drop-down menus.

  • Alan Levinstone MD commented  · 

    PF should default to clearing the filed when you type in it so you don't add characters on the end. Also mistyping adds a new document type.

  • Deborah Seelig commented  · 


    Please eliminate "Other" as the default Document Type when uploading a document. As stated above, the field in old PF was blank, we typed in a letter and only those options that started with that letter would populate, and we could choose what we wanted. As it stands now, we have to first erase the "Other" and then start typing in the desired option. Extra step. If you don't erase "Other" completely, a big typo occurs that sometimes makes it into the document if you are not careful.

    Suggestion. Eliminate "Other" as the default Document Type and leave it blank. Allow auto population per the first one letter that is filled in (R for Radiology or Request for .., and remove all the rest of the options that just happen to have an "R" in the word, e.g., Authorization, Clinic Paperwork, etc.).

    Enable the arrow keys to be continuously functional so when the R's or whatever first or subsequent letters populate as options, we can keyboard to our selection quickly, instead of having to click it. Do not allow keyboarding arrows to time out, as in when I get to the end of the list, I cannot use the arrow keys anymore to go up or down the list to make a selection because they timed out, and I have to start all over again by either erasing the "Other" that reappears and retyping the "R" or whatever letter, or typing in a second letter to activate the arrows to scroll again.

  • Piotr commented  · 

    Would be great to have this with everything

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