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Enhance Batch E-Prescribing of Multiple Meds

Currently it takes up too much time to e-prescribe. As the system stands now, providers need click into EACH medication and re-populate fields such as qty and then designate tablet or capsule etc then keep going through a few screens before it submits. And we have to do this for EACH medication we prescribe. That is too cumbersome! And doesn't make sense - if when we add a medication it has, for example, "lithium carbonate 300mg capsule" vs. "lithium carbonate 300mg tablet" already selected, then the fact that it is a tablet or capsule we want should be automatically populated - we shouldn't have to add that each time we refill the medication. Most patient sessions result in a refill of the same medications, quantities etc from the previous month or time it was prescribed.

SUGGESTION: From the patient's Summary page under Medications, it should list all medications that are active (ie, have not been discontinued) and allow us to click a box next to each one that we want to refill and to send it as a batch, with one click, to a selected pharmacy that should also be easy to just click. If we need to make any changes to a medication, we can then do a more cumbersome series of steps by going into a particular medication, altering sig or qty as needed, and then again be able to transmit to pharmacy with a simple transmit button. And again, should be able to send a full batch, not have to go one by one. Additionally, it does not seem as helpful to have the "start/stop" date listed on the Summary main page where medications are listed, but rather LAST DATE PRESCRIBED (along with qty given and refills so you can figure out if indeed patient needs a refill that day or not). Currently you have to click medication hyperlink to then view history of prescriptions on a separate pop up - and do this for EACH medication you're interested in. Again, very time consuming.

We should be able to view in the Medication list the full list of active medications with the last date prescribed (and qty and refills) so that we know in one look what needs to be refilled. Then we should be able to refill it just by clicking a box next to each, then some other button that says transmit (and somehow has a way to designate the pharmacy).

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  • Mike N commented  · 

    PF is adding over an hour a day due to the inability to rapidly RX meds. My old system allowed a macro using three letters to enter a complete rx ; med name sig amount refills etc etc

    the entire rx would be composed with three letters. PF will allow already prescribed rx's to be copied over but the problem is most of my Rx's are for one time new patients. The number of extra key strokes is very very inefficient. Unfortunately I dont think programmers understand the immense time pressure docs are under and saving a hundred key strokes for 5o meds a day adds up to a lot of time

  • Dr Selatin Kraja commented  · 

    Old version was even more practical.
    Too much time spending to refill.
    It should be simpler. Only click on medication that should be refilled and with one click to send to pharmacy.
    For now, it is not BATCH E-PRESCRIBE because you have to go individually for every medication and re-enter data.

  • April Ocampo commented  · 

    It would also be nice if the system would automatically select Controlled meds in the batch and drop them to print and send the rest electronically. Currently our prescribers have to do 2 batches, one to complete all controlled meds together to print and then another batch to do non-controlled.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is well stated and captures a significant amount of my frustration with how long it takes to EPRe as well! These are just what we would like to see!

  • Ariel commented  · 

    Doing refills takes me longer with the new EHR because I have to go through so many clicks to see when each medication was last prescribed, in order to know whether to put it on today's order. Even more clicks for meds where I need the fill date from the last Rx. Often I can't see that data without deleting the order I'm writing, trying to keep the meds I put on the order in my head, checking the last fill date on the remaining medications, and then recreating the order from memory and adding the other meds to it. My short term memory really gets a workout, especially if I'm planning to change some sigs!

    I also had to start over with an order yesterday because I accidentally included the one medication that was supposed to go to a mail order pharmacy. Then I made the same mistake with another patient who needed one prescription physically printed. I'll learn and make fewer mistakes with time, but it seems like PF could streamline it: I'd like to be able to write an order for everything all at once, and then indicate if there are certain meds that need to be placed in limbo for a moment while the others are sent to the selected pharmacy. For example if a patient has five meds to order (three for CVS, one mail order, one printed) I would list them all in an order, send the three to CVS while holding back the other two, then send the one to the mail order pharmacy while holding back the last one, then print the last one. Ideally nothing would actually send until the end, so I don't have to wait for each eRx to complete before I can finish the order.

  • JR commented  · 

    I agree. It appears in the New EHR, prescribing refills takes more clicks and steps than in the Old EHR version.

    In the new version, we have to go trough too many screens.

    Also, when I populate the meds list into the "plan" section of my SOAP note, I have to click each med and "attach" individually to get it into the note. In the Old EHR, I could just check all the boxes next to the med list and attach all with just one click.

  • jane lindberg commented  · 

    I agree!! the system is too cumbersome as it is. When prescibing previous meds the rx should be prepopulated with the previous amount and form.

  • Mrs Nicole Lyons commented  · 

    We too find this quite frustrating. Having to go through so many screens to get to the next Rx is very time consuming

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